How to optimize your site for SEO in 8 steps?

Low conversion rate, low traffic, poor positioning in search results… There are many reasons that can lead you to want to optimize the SEO of your website. To do this, however, you must take into account many parameters. It will not be enough to insert links or to advertise to redirect Internet users to your website. I suggest you follow the 8 steps to be sure to achieve an optimization that will allow you to achieve your goals.

Call on a natural referencing expert to optimize your site

In the field of SEO, there are agencies that can support you in carrying out the different steps. To boost your site, if you want to know more about improving your Google ranking, you can contact these professionals who have mastered the workings of SEO optimization. They can perform an audit of your site and determine its strengths, as well as the aspects on which it will be necessary to work to allow it to obtain a better place within the search results. The main strength of the agencies also lies in their team, which can ensure that your various tasks are processed in a short time.

Think about improving the structure of your content on your site

To optimize the SEO of a site, it is most often recommended to work on the content of the latter. This is the most popular upgrade, but also the easiest to perform. This consists of reviewing the structure of your pages, which amounts to organizing them in such a way as to make your content more readable for Internet users and easier to analyze by search engine robots. You must ensure:

  • To have an H1 title on each of your pages;
  • to respect a hierarchy between the different parts with H2s and H3s;
  • think about inserting bulleted lists, very popular with crawlers;
  • Put bold or italics to emphasize certain important words or paragraphs.

As you may have noticed, I talk a lot about robots or search engine crawlers. This is mainly because optimizing your website’s SEO means getting a better rating with these ranking programs. By taking an interest in the operation of algorithms such as Colibri or Rank Brain, you will have a better chance of determining different points to improve the natural referencing of your pages.

Choose keywords related to your business

When your site has trouble finding its place in search results, it is also because of a bad choice of keywords. To optimize your natural referencing, you will then have to review these to ensure their relevance.

To find powerful keywords on which you can position yourself, you can refer to your intuition, or use keyword finder to obtain better results. For this purpose, there are many tools on the Internet. I most often advise going through a selection stage and comparing the different offers by analyzing prices and reviews before making a decision. If you don’t know how to conduct this research, let an agency guide you to optimize your results.

Rework your Meta for a better SEO of your site

Before arriving on your page, Internet users must first make a choice among the search results. At this level, they have little information about your site, they can only rely on the Meta title and the Meta description to imagine the content that awaits them once they have clicked. In this sense, SEO for Locksmiths must make sure to make these different parts attractive in a way that attracts clicks from Internet users. Also pay attention to the nature of the content on your site. If you sell products, it should not be strictly informational. If you’re dispensing important information, don’t be too promotional either.

Create internal and external networking on your site

Sometimes you have all the information your reader needs on your site. Yet, after reading the article that redirected him to your page, he returns to the search engine to perform further queries. To encourage Internet users to discover the other pages of your site, you can do what is called internal linking. This technique amounts to making links between the different pages of your site to optimize its referencing. This allows readers to spend more time on your site and at the same time boosts its popularity with search engines.

Similarly, you can also link your content to external articles. This will be a way to enrich the content of your pages and obtain a good positioning within the search results.

Optimize the loading speed of your pages

In general, we find that 4 out of 10 visitors leave web pages, even before having consulted them if they take more than 3 seconds to be displayed. In a sense, its losing traffic, but it’s also a reason for search engines to give you a low rating, which will directly affect your website’s ranking.

To optimize the loading speed of your pages, you can contact an SEO agency. This one will know how to put its programmers on your project to discover what slows down the loading of your site in order to optimize it. If necessary, opt for the AMP format, developed by Google, which considerably improves page loading speed.

Make your site responsive and cross-platform

Another way to score well with search engine algorithms is to improve your website’s accessibility. With the popularization of full-size smartphones, more and more people are using these devices to view web pages. In this sense, your site must be able to display correctly on different screen sizes (tablet, computer, smartphones and even televisions). To achieve this objective, the expertise of an SEO agency can also be very useful.

Invest in the latest security standards for your site

To ensure the security of your users’ information while on your website, be sure to adopt the best security protocols. If necessary, it will be a question of moving your site to the standards of HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) which makes it possible to better secure the exchange of data on the web. The protocol is also essential if you want to preserve the reputation of your site. Indeed, since January 2017, Google has told Internet users which sites do not have HTTPS, which may motivate them to consult other more reliable sources.

If you have an e-commerce site, you must also think about ensuring the security of transactions made by your customers. This is mandatory if you do not want to expose yourself to lawsuits or fines. In this sense, make the choice of secure means of payment and find out regularly on dedicated forums about new vulnerabilities that threaten e-commerce sites.

SEO optimization should not be seen as a set of steps to be carried out once. On the contrary, you must apprehend it like learning a sport. The more accustomed you are to carrying out these different steps, the more the improvement of your site’s SEO will become automatic. In this way, you can do extensive research on each of the steps to discover more tips on how to perform them. If necessary, hire an SEO agency to help you optimize your site.

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