How to Create an Awesome Online Fitness Programme

With the current Covid situation, offering online gym and fitness services is something consumers expect to grow more. Offering online options is an essential part when regulating a thriving fitness business. The fitness industry is hugely competitive; thousands of options are available in the market. So how do you create one awesome online fitness programme to stand out? 

But first and foremost, what exactly is an online fitness program? In the most simple way, an online fitness course is something that you design for your in-person clients. Managing those online programs is up to you, you can either offer a scheduled 1-week core challenge series of workouts or a self-paced program for a month. You can include videos and share written steps with images demonstrating proper forms. Online fitness programs are progressive series of workouts that help clients work towards their health goals. 

Establish your Niche and USP

Let’s start with the important one: defining your niche, target customers, and unique selling point. It all starts with understanding your target market and who you are building your program for. Deciding on one niche has to do everything with how successful your fitness business will be. If your program is too basic and doesn’t connect with the consumers you’ll soon witness your customers getting snapped up by competitors. Ask yourself the following questions before deciding on a niche:

What makes your fitness program unique?

What aspects of your business make you stand out from the competition?

When you narrow down on a particular niche and target clients, you’re attempting to create a solution to a particular problem. Which will eventually help you in nailing down the unique selling point. 

Stick to the Basic

Once you’ve narrowed down a niche it’s exciting to get started and break the mold of the online fitness industry. Experimenting content, fitness tracks, new products, new trainers, and whatnot but it’s best to save those for down the line. We should stick with the basics for a while. Start with the most popular and different formats, guided stretches, and meditations. Sticking to the content that already worked for you in the past will most likely help you here in getting the attention of your new online members. Include promotional content in the videos and always shoot and upload ahead of time to avoid any last-minute crisis. 

Work on Convenience & Flexibility

You can get food delivered in 30 minutes, and access the latest movies and shows every day on Prime and Netflix. The convenience of the consumers is intertwined with everyday life. Set your schedule according to their time, share videos, and conduct classes when matching up with your members’ schedules. Everyone has the same 24 hours and if you have hundreds of commitments, the convenience of slipping into an awesome online fitness programme into a busy schedule can lead many people to opt for your course. 

Health & fitness is positioned as inclusive and attainable, convenient and flexibility is a game changer there. The feeling of comfort drives clients and can be a significant influencer in buying decisions. 

Pricing Structure

Another important step for an awesome online fitness programme is deciding on your pricing structure. This one’s simple though, there are two ways you can offer – selling your fitness program as a one-time purchase or as a long-term membership. You can offer discounts or one-off fee packages based on what suits the best business and customers. Pricing of a membership program is ideal where you update the content regularly. Which will again depend on the niche that you are dealing in. The more specific you would be the less competition you will have. 

No matter which way you choose, do not ever sell yourself short when it comes to costing your plans. Lower charges may help with instant conversions but will never help in retention. 

Think About Technology Structure

As an awesome online fitness programme technology setup plays a pivotal role in the success of your business. The main requirement of an online fitness course is to offer recorded classes. In the topic of software and technology, we would like to introduce you to an outstanding tool, Picktime. Picktime is a cloud-based fitness & personal training scheduling software. Using Picktime you can have easy one-click online bookings, a built-in calendar, and access all your contacts in one place. With its customizable booking page and book now widget you can manage all the appointments and services in one place. Get 24×7 full email support, recurring bookings, and attendance & waitlist with a secured database at multiple locations. 

Not only this you can integrate with your favorite apps – PayPal, Square, Zoom, Skype, Mailchimp, Weebly, Wix, CRMs, and many others and can have end-to-end detailed reports of all the business and account activities. Sign up for free today, to know more about the plans and businesses they deal in. 

Promote Your Fitness Program

For the success of your awesome online fitness programme, you need to have solid promotion strategies. How will you grow your business, if no one will know about your services? 

Work on marketing strategies to drive quality traffic to your online fitness courses. Use social media, content marketing, videos, podcasts, and live streaming to spread awareness about your program. Some other marketing tactics to catch the attention of consumers:

  • Ask for testimonials
  • Consistently measure your progress
  • Keep your business organized
  • Use challenges to keep the members engaged
  • Offer free bits of some exclusive content on YouTube
  • Sponsor community events both online & offline

In your marketing & promotion campaigns, it should be clear what action you want the visitor to take. If you just want their contact details there should be a pop-up to exchange that information, if you want to share a free ebook with them on best fitness practices you should ask them for their email address. 

You now have some of the best strategies to create an awesome online fitness programme. Just like with every other business you will need to test, measure, and implement your efforts to take your business to the highest level.

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