Things to do in Jaisalmer – Jaisalmer Desert safari

Enjoy the Jaisalmer. There are so many beautiful places as well as things to do in Jaisalmer like Desert safari, sighseeing, jaisalmer camping and Paramotoring in Jaisalmer. Have a look at the below list.

1. Witness the Scenic Beauty of Jaisalmer City

Take a guided photography tour of the top Jaisalmer sights to get the greatest shots of the regal Jaisalmer. This 2-hour intriguing trip will take you through the alleys, havelis, temples, and forts, giving you a new viewpoint on the dunes and sand. Carry your finest camera and wide-angle lenses for stunning images. While exploring the city, stop by a few cafés in Jaisalmer for some excellent munchies.

2.       Gadisar Lake – Take In The View

The Gadisar Lake is one of Jaisalmer’s most prominent attractions. Maharawal Gadsi Singh, after whom the reservoir is called, created it in 1367. Boating is a pleasant activity in Jaisalmer and one of the top things to do in Jaisalmer. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery or go boating with family and friends on this lovely lake.

3.       Parasailing in Kanoi

A luxurious treat for the mind and spirit is to fly high above the desert and experience a thrilling bird’s eye view. This exhilarating and daring pastime is popular in desert locations and is one of the unusual things to do in Jaisalmer. The majority of desert camps arrange this activity in response to earlier requests. It is also one of the most enjoyable pastimes in Jaisalmer.

4.       Paramotoring – Experience Adventure

For those looking to make their Jaisalmer vacation bold and exciting, paramotoring in Jaisalmer is one of the must-try adventure activities in Jaisalmer. This motorised parasailing allows you to see the golden sand dunes from above. You may also take interesting shots of the surroundings or a wacky selfie. The pilot will be present to assist you in controlling the vehicle, ensuring that the adventure sport is absolutely safe and secure.

5.       Winds Desert Camp – Camping And Desert Safari

Evening safaris allow visitors to explore the beautiful dunes and watch the sun set behind the dunes. Other important tourist attractions in Jaisalmer include the desert camps, which provide all the amenities required for a comfortable stay.

While camping in Jaisalmer, visitors may also enjoy Rajasthani traditional music and dance performances, followed by a magnificent local cuisine buffet meal.

The Serai, Royal Desert Camp, and Prince Desert Camp are three popular desert campgrounds.

6.       Wildlife in the Desert National Park

One of the other great things to do in Jaisalmer is to see wildlife. Desert National Park, located in western Rajasthan, has an area of 3162 km2. They have rocky terrain, sand dunes, and salt lake bottoms. It is an excellent example of the Thar Desert, and many creatures such as Indian Fox, Desert Cat, Chinkara, and others may be seen here. Aside from that, the Great Indian Bustard, Rajasthan’s state bird, may be found here.

7.       Puppet Show at the Desert Culture Centre & Museum

You must see a puppet play at the Desert Culture Centre and Museum while in Jaisalmer. It is a 40-minute spectacular presentation that allows you to step back in time and learn more about Jaisalmer’s culture. You must put a puppet performance on your list of things to do in Jaisalmer in two days.

8.        Try Something New With Rajasthan Cuisine

A vacation to Jaisalmer is not complete unless you try the spicy specialties of Rajasthan cuisine. Ditch the quick food and try something fresh to satisfy your inner gourmand. Mirchi, Bada, Pyaaj Kachori, Lauki ke Kofte, Kicha ki Sabji, and the legendary Dal Bati Churma are all must-orders. To round up your lunch, Jaisalmer offers Ghotua Laddoo, which will undoubtedly satisfy your sweet craving.

9.       Camel Safari – A Unique Adventure

There are several safaris that are famous in different areas, and Jaisalmer, the desert city, is also famous for one, the camel safari. One of the best things to do in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, is go on a camel safari. The Thar desert is a sight to behold, with its infinite length of golden sand.

Enjoy the breathtaking desert vistas on the safari, which is one of the must-do activities in Jaisalmer. There are several organisations offering desert safaris in Jaisalmer from which to pick.

10.   Bhang Lassi – A New Drink to Try

This is a cannabis-infused yoghurt drink with a small note of sweetness that is one of the most popular drinks in Jaisalmer. Bhang may be found in a variety of locations across Jaisalmer, including certain government-approved establishments.

Other options include bhang-infused soft drinks and rolls. Locals and Sadhus can be seen drinking many variations of this cold and delicious drink, however it is important to drink responsibly.

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