Golf and Casual Dinning

PopStroke is a concept for experiential Golf and Casual Dining that combines meals and beverages with a dynamic, technologically advanced golfing environment.

PopStroke, with its headquarters in Jupiter, Florida, is staffed by dedicated professionals with backgrounds in the hospitality, food service, and beverage industries. On and off the course, you can enjoy an extensive selection of craft beer, wine, ice cream, and food.

Additionally, a capacity partnership with PopStroke is being developed. An approach to informal dining and golf that combines high-quality food and beverages with dynamic, technologically advanced playing conditions.

Planning and Preparation

Prepare your kitchen line for the busier lunch and dinner hours.

This requires your prep cooks to arrive early enough to prepare all of the ingredients before service starts. Your chefs to agree on the menu’s contents.

Details about what will be on the menu, what has changed. And which items should be prioritized over others are essential for everyone to know. Gather the team together and ask managers to provide any necessary information for the upcoming service before the first seating begins.

How golf was enjoyed

Tiger Woods and Greg Bartle co-own the golfing-enjoyment concept. Each PopStroke location has an outdoor dining area with a full menu, an extensive selection of craft beers. Wines, signature cocktails, ice cream, outside games, and a playground, as well as 18 hollow placing books created by Tiger

Wood’s TGR Design.

In addition, PopStroke provides an opportunity to introduce new golfers to the sport in a fun and welcoming environment for everyone.

Food and Beverages

PopStroke offers a wide selection of Golf and Casual Dinning cocktails, craft beers, wines, ice cream, and meals in each location. There is currently a children’s menu in addition to the standard starters, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, and entrees on the menu. Wine, smooth liquids, forte beverages, and beer sold in bottles or on tap are all examples of beverages.

Ice cream

There are 24 premium flavors of ice cream on the menu, as well as a number of “Signature Milkshakes. “There is something for everyone in the family to enjoy at weekly events, Kids Night specials, Date Night deals, Happy Hour, and Combo Golf/Dining specials!

PopStroke and Other Future Plan PopStroke has offices in Jupiter, Florida. As well as Fort Meyers and Port Saint Lucie, Florida. PopStroke plans to expand rapidly in Florida, Texas, and Arizona, with experiential golf and casual dining. Set to open in the Orlando area of Waterford Lakes in the summer of 2022.


Included a 6,000-square-foot Lakeside seafood restaurant (Tiki Docks Bar and Grill). A 59,000-square-foot kid-friendly indoor adventure park (Urban Air Adventure Park), a 13,000-square-foot community hardware store (Ace Hardware), an additional services:

Urban Air Adventure Park Urban Air is the last indoor theme park for the whole family! There are attractions for all levels of adventurers. Including a ropes course, climbing walls, a warrior course, trampolines, and other attractions.

Ace Hardware saves money for its community with a passion! Golf and Casual Dinning to work on all of these domestic development projects now!

Restaurants on a Golf Course

Are you thinking about your food enough? Getting it right is very important because restaurants can be important sales drivers for many golf guides. In point of fact, a profitable audience is staying at your facility for up to four hours. Many of your golf customers will likely become guest customers because they are hungry.

Bringing them to your door rather than his Apple bees on the street requires. You to look good in food service. And target your customers with appropriate branding, promotions, and marketing message. Experiential golf and casual dining Golf Guide CEOs are typically not commercial restaurateurs. So it can be difficult for them to reevaluate existing procedures or establish new ones.

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