How to draw Angel Wings

How to draw Angel Wings. Angels greatly influence various cultures, religions, and myths worldwide. It is known that these heavenly beings are guards to offer comfort and are often associated with holidays like Christmas. The angels were also richly represented in various art forms, from classic Renaissance paintings to representations in cinema and literature. These various representations have created a common representation of angels as majestic beings with large wings.

This last element can be particularly difficult, leaving many wondering how to draw angel wings. You can draw many more characters like bow and arrow drawing, Anubis drawing, betta fish drawing, cobra drawing, blueberry drawing, coconut drawing and many more pinterest drawings.

Drawing Angel Wings

Step 1:

For the first stage of this guide on drawing angel wings, we will start with sketching the wings. When you draw these angel wings, consider them large dove wings. To start drawing, track rounded curved lines with clear points at the end to create the angel’s wings. If you have this step, you can use a pencil for a moment, closely following the reference image. Then you can review a pen when you are satisfied!

Step 2:

The wings are always better and more effective with the feathers, so let’s add some to your drawing of the angel in this next step! To do this, you can continue adding to the contours you designed in the previous step. The feathers suddenly fold into the wings, as you can see in the reference image. When you draw the feathers of both wings, please do your best to keep them symmetrical in the best possible way.

Step 3:

Now you get the role of the feathers of your drawing to continue adding to this next step to our guide on drawing angel wings. Draw two additional feathers on each wing using the more curved lines you designed. There should be only a small gap below, which we will fill soon.

Step 4:

We mentioned the gap at the bottom of the wings at the previous stage, and as promised, we will fill them to this part of their angel wings drawing! Just draw two other curved lines to add the final flowers of flowers to the wings. After filling in all the feathers, you are ready for the last details!

Step 5:

How to draw Angel Wings

Before going to the colors for the angel wings drawing, we have additional details to add inside the wings. Just draw a curved line inside the wing interiors and add some small winding lines below to get an even more penalty effect. And with that, you are ready to take the next step! Before you do it, however, add additional details you would like to your drawing!

You can attract the angel’s body between the wings if you feel very creative. Another way to customize this drawing would be to draw a beautiful background. Perhaps there may be large gilded clouds in the background on their angel wings! How will you finish this drawing before going to the last step of this guide on drawing angel wings?

Step 6:

How to draw Angel Wings

Now that you have finished your angel wings, added the latest details, and added all the items you would like, you can put them back with colorful pleasure! We use a very soft blue for the wings in our reference image, but for this step, you should use all the colors you love. It is your drawing, so how you end! You can opt for beautiful gold and shiny yellow for this image, keep the colors slightly more seedlings or opt for bright arc colors to burst. These are just some ideas among many people you can choose from, so let your imagination go crazy! During color, do not forget that the choice of colors is only half the process. 

You can also create wonderful looks and styles for your drawing with the art supports you use. If you want a lighter look, you can use acrylic paints or colored pens to burst the colors! If you prefer a more changing look, something like watercolors or colored pencils would be the way forward. If you feel very smart, you can even incorporate gold glitter to make it shine!

Make your unique angel wings drawing.

Find out how you can make these angel wings even more heavenly with these 4 tips! These angel wings are already magnificent, but imagine if they were connected to an angel! It is our first suggestion for this angel wings sketch because you can draw angel wings drawing between the two wings. You can opt for a classic angel drawing, but you can also try something fun, like making you or someone you know! It’s just a way to make it even more surprising. So we thought this drawing could be beautiful if the wings were bigger.

You can do this by drawing more feathers that press to extend them and give them an even more impressive scale. As for the interior, if you are satisfied with the size of the wings in which, you can focus on the lower details of the feather’s texture. These additions may seem small and simple, but they can bring these wings to a new level! So far, we have talked about adding an angel body and additional feathers to the wings of this angel wings drawing, and now we will address the addition of a background. If you added a background, you could create a heavenly scene drawing many swollen clouds and a bright sun behind the wings.

It would be such an amazing context, but you can think of some other ideas you could do. This Angels Angels Drawing looks great now that you followed the guide and tried some of these tips, and now we’ll end up with colors. Different means can be perfect for different looks, and we think the smoother colors would be perfect for this heavenly scene. If you agree, some watercolor paintings will create a smooth look for this image that, in our opinion, would be perfect. What will you choose when adding more color to the bright image you created?

Your angel wings drawing is complete!

It leads us to the end of this guide on how to draw angel wings. You went out to learn to draw beautiful wings and certainly achieved this goal! We created this guide to show you how to make it easier and more pleasant to work with this drawing. We hope you have fun while working there. Now that you have finished drawing your angel wings, it is your turn to take control and show us your creativity. You can do this with anything, with a beautiful background of something like a previous suggestion to draw a body for the angel.

These ideas and the colors you use are just a few that you can use to reach this drawing for yours! See our site to see all the excellent step-by-step drawing guides we have for you! We constantly download new guides, so make sure you never lose. We are curious to see how you ended your amazing angel wings drawing, so once you are over, we hope you share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages! We can barely wait to see what amazing creativity you should show us.

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