Things to do before leaving for Cheap Umrah Packages

Are you going to plan your Cheap Umrah Packages trip? If you are planning to do this then you must know what things you have to do before leaving for Umrah and what things you have to do after reaching Mecca. First of all, you need to know what are some of the important things that you must do before leaving for your flight.

Make your connection with Allah Almighty and try to spend your time in remembrance of Allah Almighty and our beloved Holy Prophet PBUH. Try to seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. Request him to accept you Duas. Performing Umrah once in a lifetime is very important for a Muslim. It brings regularity to your life and makes your life peaceful as well. You can perform this minor pilgrimage at any time of the year. Makkahtours know about your dreams and we are offering you cheap Umrah packages.

To-Do List:

Seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty:

When you are going to leave for the Umrah journey, make sure that Allah Almighty is happy with you. Surely, he is happy with you that’s why he is inviting you to his Holy Kaaba. But your satisfaction is really important. You must seek forgiveness from Allah Almighty. He is very beneficent and merciful He will surely forgive you when you will seek forgiveness from him.

Seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty is important in the sense that you are going to face Holy Kaaba and you will be in front of Allah Almighty then you must Mae yourself neat and clean from sins by seeking forgiveness from Him. You can be in front of the Holy Kaaba very easily by selecting one of the best cheap Umrah packages.

Seek forgiveness from your relatives:

After seeking forgiveness from Allah Almighty you must seek forgiveness from your relatives also. It is because Allah Almighty will never forgive you if his people do not forgive you. Allah Almighty pay more attention to the rights and duties of their people. If people will not forgive you then Allah Almighty will also not forgive you. Keeping in view this thing, we must seek forgiveness from our relatives.

It is life and we have ups and downs in it. Where this is love there are fights as well. Joys and sorrows are part of life. So, if any of your relatives have any misunderstanding with you make it clear and leave for Umrah with good memories. Moreover, your relatives will help you in many ways that how you can prepare for Umrah. If any of your relatives have performed Umrah before then they can guide you that how this Umrah can be right for you. In addition, you can avail cheap Umrah packages of Makkahtours.

Pay Zakat before leaving:

As we know that paying Zakat is one of the most important pillars of Islam. All the expected duties are necessary to perform which are obligated to the intended pilgrims. Hence, paying Zakat is also one of the obligations that a Muslim and a pilgrim has to perform before leaving for Umrah.

You are going to be the guest of Allah Almighty when you are going to perform Umrah. Charity does not mean that you must have to give money to others. You can perform charity by giving food to the hungry ones, you can give clothes to the poor. Furthermore, you can also give donations to poor people so that they can live their life by fulfilling their needs. The act of paying Zakat will make Allah Almighty happy with you. So, you must pay Zakat before leaving for the Umrah journey.

Performance of Salah and reciting Dua:

There are many different intentions and purposes for offering prayer and Dua. The purpose of making Dua before going to Umrah is to pray for your safety. You are going on a long journey so you need to pray for a safe arrival to Mecca. Whenever you pray to Allah, never forget to pray for your safety. One more Dua that you can make before leaving for Umrah is the Dua of making yourself able to stand in front of the Holy Kaaba.

When you are leaving your home for your Umrah flight, perform two Rakats. Scholars give a suggestion that learns some Surahs that you will recite during Umrah. Moreover, you can write Surahs and ayaats on a page and you can learn them during your flight. There are some Duas that you have to make in front of the Holy Kaaba. Some of these Duas are for yourself and many other Duas are for your family and relatives as well. If you are not sure about the remembrance of these Duas then you can also write them on a page.

Find a chance to be in front of the Holy Kaaba by taking the cheap Umrah packages UK. Come and avail these Umrah packages.

Knowing the rules of Ihram:

The first and foremost thing that you have to do before starting Umrah is to enter the state of Ihram. If you are unaware of the rules of Ihram then it means that you are unable to perform Umrah. Because Umrah without following the rules of Ihram is completely invalid. No one can even think of violating the rules of Ihram. So, try to understand and learn the rules of Ihram before leaving for Umrah. You can get to know about the rules of Ihram through Islamic books. Moreover, Makkahtours and our team will guide you about all these things. There are cheap Umrah packages for you.

Some of the rules of Ihram are discussed here. Let us put glance at it.

  1. Always use unscented soaps when you enter the state of Ihram.
  2. Men cannot cover their heads while performing Umrah.
  3. Women cannot show them any body part except their hands and face.
  4. You cannot abuse anyone in the state of Ihram
  5. A sexual relationship with your spouse is prohibited.

You must follow these rules of Ihram. But if you are unaware of these rules then how you can follow them? Hence, it is quite important to learn the rules of Ihram before leaving for the Umrah journey.

Pack your necessary luggage:

One more thing that you must have to do before leaving for Umrah is to pack your necessary luggage. Make sure that you are not taking unimportant things with you. It is because it will only increase your burden. You have to carry your luggage by yourself. So, if you are taking more than enough things with you then it will cause difficulty for you. Try to keep only things which you are going to need over there.

Moreover, take clothes which are appropriate according to the weather. If you are going in summer then take lighter clothes but if you are going in winter then take warm clothes with you that will make you feel peaceful and comfortable.


In short, Umrah is a sacred journey and one must know about the rules and regulations of performing Umrah. Pilgrims must know about what are the things that they have to do before leaving for Umrah. After reading this article, you will get complete guidance that what are the important things that you need to do before leaving for your Umrah trip. Makkahtours are giving cheap Umrah package 2022. Come and avail these packages as soon as possible.

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