Manual Methods to Backup Office 365 Mailbox to PST File

Didn’t you Backup Office 365 mailboxes to PST yet? We all know that Microsoft’s Office 365 is a cloud-based office application, and that’s why it’s quite easy to operate. But what about the safety of your necessary documents?

If your company is using Office 365, then taking a backup of your mailboxes is a must today. In this article, we will go through the process of manually taking a backup of your Office 365 mailbox to PST formatted file.

Why should you backup Office 365 mailbox to PST?

One of the best ways to protect your data is to back it up. With Office 365, you can back up your mailbox to Outlook PST files. This way, if something happens to your mailbox and you need to recover your data, you can easily do so. Additionally, if you ever decide to move your mailbox to another account or server, you can easily transfer your data to a new mailbox without having to re-enter all of your information.

Besides, backing up Office 365 mailboxes in PST format is somehow cheap while considering other possible ways. Also, PST files are easily accessible with multiple email clients and are portable for use.

Precautions before backing up Office 365 mailbox to PST

While backups are important for any organization, they are especially important for businesses with Office 365. Office 365 is a cloud-based office suite that includes email, a calendar, contacts, and more. If your organization relies on Office 365 for its operations, making a backup of the Office 365 data is essential. Here are some precautions to take when backing up Office 365 to PST:

  • Make a copy of your Office 365 data before backing it up.
  • Choose a secure backup location.
  • Backup your data at least once a month.
  • Do not back up data that is currently in use.Use a virus scanner to protect your data.
  • Check that the most recent Office 365 security updates are installed.

Easy and Manual Methods to Backup Office 365 Mailboxes to PST

If you are looking to migrate your email from Office 365 to another email platform, such as Gmail, Yahoo, or, you may be wondering how to convert your Office 365 mailbox to PST. There are several different ways to do this, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

One way to convert your Office 365 mailbox to PST is to use an email migration tool, such as Regain Office 365 to PST Converter. This tool will help you to migrate all of your email, including your attachments, calendar, contacts, and tasks. This is the easiest way to migrate your email, but it’s not completely free.

Another way to convert your Office 365 mailbox to PST is to use an email migration service. These services will help you to migrate your email, but they will not include the ability to import your attachments, calendar, contacts, or tasks.

These two methods are strongly recommended for non-technical users. However, if you are looking for manual and free-of-cost methods, then keep an eye on the upcoming headings.

Save your Office 365 mailbox into PST file with eDiscovery.

PST exports from Office 365 can be used to generate a repository of email content for eDiscovery purposes. This content can be used to reconstruct email communications between individuals or organizations.

[Note: Before proceeding, kindly ensure that you are a valid member of the eDiscovery manager group. If you aren’t, then you must need to be added.]

To export Office 365 mailbox data to PST file format, follow these steps:

  • Log in to Office 365.
  • Go to the Office 365 Admin Center.
  • Now create a new content search. In this field, you can choose the necessary mailboxes that you need to backup. Here you will also get the filtering options in the mailbox.
office 365 mailbox to pst
  • After selecting the required mailboxes, click “start exporting” and all of them will be started for export.
export office 365 mailbox to pst
  • When the export is completed, you will see the button “download search results”. With it, your selected mailboxes will be exported to your device’s directory.

That’s all the steps. Remember, you can save your Office 365 mailboxes as PST files on your system by entering the export key obtained while downloading the search results.

Isn’t the manual method too hard?

Yes, you are right. Sometimes, experts fail to export PST with these types of manual techniques. Besides, unknowingly using manual steps may lead to file or data loss.

That’s why one of the best recommended methods is to use any third-party tool. We personally deal with and love to use the Regain Office 365 Backup tool. It’s very easy to use and never worries about its safety.


Backing up your office 365 mailboxes to PST is a good idea and also affordable. However, using eDiscovery, you can do it without any pay, but this method demands enough utility knowledge and also has some limitations. Using Regain Office 365 to PST converter can make the task very easy for you.

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