The KTM 390 Duke is more than just a beginner’s bike

Autofun Philippines – By the time KTM launched the Duke 390, the Duke name was already established and expectations were high for their small bike. Here is the list of KTM motorcycle price Philippines.

When it launched in 2013 to critical acclaim, the Austrian company somehow managed to strike a fine line between accessibility, affordability, and real-world performance without a single player. What other big production can do? Since then, the entry-level market has come a long way, but Duke has also moved over time and has largely been at the forefront of the hunt. It’s not just a beginner’s bike; it’s a bike that’s still fun regardless of your experience level.

Lightweight Design It’s hard to determine how light a bike is unless you’re riding it, every movement on the Duke feels effortless.

This makes it ideal for beginners as it’s easy to maneuver and when you drop it, it’s not hard to pick it up. As you get more experienced, that lack of weight makes cycling enjoyable and easy to navigate in traffic or on your favorite back road.

Duke The first generation

Duke has a lower saddle height at 31 inches, but at 32 inches the second generation isn’t as far behind. Most runners will have no trouble getting both feet in either.

With its traditional upright seating position, it is also quite comfortable and offers plenty of legroom for many riders. Classic saddles are nothing special, so if you plan to spend a long time in the saddle, you may need to consider aftermarket options, including an indoor KTM Powerparts saddle.

Excellent Value

Even nothing can match the Duke at this price, what really sets it apart is where KTM has spent the money.

Although the suspension is nothing special, it is quite good, especially with such a good chassis. Its engine vibrates a bit, it’s a single-cylinder bike so a lot is to be expected, but the power it can deliver more than makes up for those bad vibrations.

Incredible Handling

Again, not enough can’t be said about its chassis. The bike spins beautifully and handles surface imperfections surprisingly well.

Those who want to go canyoning will love the Duke. It’s a bike that will put more expensive bikes on a decent average on a twisty road.

Compact Design

KTM has taken a slightly unconventional approach to the smaller Dukes. It works well enough to keep the price down but doesn’t detract from the bikes that use the platform.

The frame is stiff enough for a 390 but still light enough for a 200 and 125cc bike (above). They all have their attributes, but the 390 stands out as the largest mini bike.

Ample Power

In the world of 200-hp motorcycles, 44 ponies seem pretty small. However, it’s not really how much you have that matters, but how much you can actually use. As a new racer, 44hp is all you want.

Being a big single, it produces decent torque, it also spins fast and hard so it’s amazingly fast. It maintains speeds up to 60 mph, which takes about 5 seconds (depending on what you ate for lunch).

Confidence Inspiring

The most surprising part of the bike is how it requires you. To push it harder and closer to its limit. But you’ll probably find your own limits first when the bike was found.

2021 KTM 390 Duke

It can handle anything you throw at it. Tour; take luggage. Tracking data; ice on the light. Urban tourism; buy a bag, KTM motorcycle price Philippines.


Duke is dripping with technology. It features wire-walking, a TFT instrument panel, LED lighting, multiple ride modes, an optional quick-shifter. (not a need, but might be wanted), and smartphone compatibility.

Everything you would expect from a technologically modern motorcycle, at an unbeatable price.

Fun Commuter

No matter how fast you ride, Duke will always have a smile on his face. You can have a lot of fun with this thug while staying within the speed limit.

Although he is quite nervous, he does not consume much fuel. That is a good thing when the tank is small.

Ready for Race

Duke is far from perfect. It has some reliability issues and vibrates a lot. It gets unreasonably hot for a small bike and is pretty small if you plan on taking passengers with you. That said, this is simply absolute value for money in the new motorcycle market. And it’s fun to ride regardless of your size or skill level. It’s a bike you can keep forever if you want.

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