9 Reasons a Small Action Camera Flashlight Kicks Ass

Originally designed specifically for (surprise surprise) action sports, action camera flashlight have now become a great option for any situation– sports, travel, everyday life, creative photography, and more. The compact size of these devices is a huge part of their appeal, eliminating the need to carry around a more traditional, bulkier camera. But there’s one that reigns supreme in the size department and that is Insta360 GO 2, the world’s smallest action camera flashlight!

Now you might be wondering: what’s so amazing about a small action camera flashlight? What’s the point? Well, the benefits over a regular-sized cam are actually far greater than you might imagine, from hands-free POV shooting and easy wearing, to creative mounting and superb stabilization! In this quick guide we’ll reveal why so many people have made the call to go small (and saved money in the process)!

1) A small action camera flashlight= super portable

First and foremost, it’s worth considering just how small, and thus convenient, GO 2 is. If you know your gummy bears the picture below will give you a pretty good idea of GO 2’s size (5.3×2.6×2.7cm to be precise), and it weighs just 26.5g– that’s less than an ounce! That makes this tiny camera insanely portable and convenient to take out no matter you’re up to.

2) Stay in the moment with a wearable camera

Some people enjoy spending time behind the camera, stopping to carefully line up each shot. For others (this writer included), it can be hard to truly appreciate the moment, location or experience while recording it at the same time. That’s when a wearable camera like GO 2 comes into its own! With the help of various in-the-box accessories (see below) you can wear it almost anywhere on your body, hat, helmet or bag, and just leave it there. Then, when you see something cool, give the camera a tap and you’re shooting a video or photo, simple as that! 

3) Enjoy discreet and unobtrusive filming

Ever felt a bit self-conscious having your camera out? Worried you stand out with your big selfie stick set up? Whatever your reason, there are times when having a small, discreet camera can be super handy. We’re not talking secret filming or spy cams, but a less “in your face” approach to shooting for yourself and those around you. GO 2 also has a rather aesthetically pleasing design so you’re all set on the style front.

4) Capture natural POVs with ease

Another advantage to shooting with a tiny camera is that you end up with really immersive POV footage. It’s a great way to show the world from your perspective and give people the feeling of being there with you through your travels, outdoor activities, or everyday life. Also great for those who are a little camera shy!

5) Mount a small action camera flashlight anywhere

If you wanna capture unique angles and get creative with your shots, a small action camera flashlight is the perfect tool! GO 2 can fit in places that regular action cams are too big for, and is light enough to be mounted almost anywhere. In addition to the aforementioned in-the-box accessories, GO 2 is also magnetic, so you can stick it to any magnetic metal surface!

6) A tiny camera can charge on the go

Worried about the battery life with such a tiny camera? Well, if you’re rocking GO 2, you’ll also be packing the Charge Case! About the size of an AirPods case, this little thing can charge GO 2 in just 30 mins and keep it shooting for up to 2.5 hours! It also serves as a protective case, remote control and tripod! 

7) Get all the benefits of a regular action cam

Ruggedness, waterproofing, image quality, stabilized footage… those are just some of the reasons we love action camera flashlight. But choosing a small action camera flashlight doesn’t mean you have to compromise on any of those benefits! Here’s how GO 2 stacks up in these areas:

  • Ruggedness: comes with a replaceable lens cover, plus there’s no screen to potentially crack or buttons to get stuck.
  • Waterproofing: is IPX8 waterproof to 13ft (4 meters) or 147ft (45m) in a Dive Case.
  • Image quality: packs the same sensor size as larger action cams (1/2.3”) and shoots in high res 1440p at 50fps.
  • Stabilization: supported by the same FlowState Stabilization technology as Insta360’s larger cameras, plus 360° horizon levelling.
  • While you might not shoot the next Hollywood blockbuster on a tiny camera like GO 2, it’s great for what it’s designed for — shooting clips of your experiences that look awesome on people’s go-to device; their phone.

8) Save money!

  • Yep. Not only does GO 2 compete in terms of specs and performance, it’s the clear winner on price. The 32GB standalone version is just $299.99, including camera, Charge Case, Lens Guard, three separate mounting accessories and a charging cable! What’s more, save 10% on this package in the Insta360 Holiday Sale, plus an extra pair of Lens Guards, all for only $269.99! 
  • For a higher storage option, there’s also the 64GB version. This is normally priced at $329.99 but you can get it now for just $310.99 in the Holiday Sale! 

9) Enjoy the simplicity

  • We’ll end with some appreciation for simplicity. A small action camera flashlight like GO 2 has everything in one tiny package, ready to go at all times. It comes with up to 64GB of built-in storage, so there’s no swapping SD cards in and out. It has one customizable button, no more. And if you do need to preview your shots, just connect GO 2 to your phone to get full preview and remote shooting capabilities via the Insta360 app.
  • That’s it! The case has been made for the small action camera flashlight, the decision is yours. 
  • While GO 2 is pretty awesome, there may be some things you can’t live without. If you’re specifically looking for a camera that can shoot in 360°, for example, with reframing and all that good stuff, make sure to check out Insta360 ONE X2, the ultimate pocket 360 cam. Likewise, if 4K resolution or higher is an essential for you, take a look at Insta360 ONE R for either 4K or 5.3K single-lens capture!

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