The seller remembers that he always said it was streamed

According to the seller, the Civic CRX Good Price Or No Today is a car they have owned since high school. Let’s see if we educate ourselves on his asking price. And it will include Honda Civic price Philippines.

As I noted in our conversation about the 1994 Volvo 940 station wagon last Friday, the long-top 700/900 series has plenty of fans. Those fans seem to have flocked to compliment both the car and its looks. And they also focus on its asking price of $9,900. In the end, that praise translated into a 60% sure win at Nice Price. Honda also has its fans, mainly because it makes fuel-efficient, fuel-efficient cars that are generally very enjoyable. Ironically for an automaker steeped in fun, as well as racing, Honda hasn’t made many true sports cars. Data mentioned above are from Autofun Philippines.

Facts about Honda Civic price Philippines

In fact, even including its Acura sub-brand, the Japanese company has offered very few sports cars that you can count on one hand. It’s the S600/800 of the 1960s, an homage to that model, the S2000 of our present century, the mid-sized Beat Kei Car and the NSX from Acura in a version that is both original and improved. 

And then there’s the CRX. It is one of our concerns today. Specifically, we will be evaluating this 1984 Honda Civic CRX with its silvery white color and steel wheels, marking this as the standard model, not the hottest Si.

According to the ad, the same family-owned this 143,000-mile CRX since it rolled off the dealer lot, first being registered with the current owner’s father while using it as a daily whip in high school.

The car has the original paint color, showing that nearly all trims are tarnished and worn. This is quite common on older cars of this era, as is the discoloration on the plastic bumpers and handlebars that this CRX also exhibits. On top of that, there’s a barely noticeable slight scratch forming a capital C around the waistline.

What is special?

Despite this claim, there is an alarming difference in color between the bonnet and the bodywork on the nose, which may imply a bit of oddity in the car’s past. Or maybe it’s just an illusion of light. Hard to say. Also, do note that the classic California blue and yellow license plates are unrecognizably blurred. I don’t think I’ve seen this happen before.

Another thing to note is that the front fender on this generation CRX is made of plastic to reduce weight. It will be quite expensive to replace them if they crack or break after baking in the sun for a few decades.

The interior of this car certainly performs better than the exterior. It is with a slit-free dashboard and re-upholstered seats that look like factory hardware. This CRX isn’t air-conditioned. But it does have large windows in the rear window. It is to help shield it from the sun and low cabin temperatures. 

According to the seller, the car has “crazy mpg”, so much. So they once joked that it was actually racing in the air. This is due to the remarkably low curb weight of 1,819 pounds. And it also boasts the 1,488cc SOHC CVCC-II 4-cylinder engine producing a modest 76 hp and 84 lb-ft of torque. As a sports car, that’s not much. But aside from the So Hot version, the CRX has always been one of those slow-moving cars. That offers the pleasure to drive fast (relatively speaking).

It hasn’t been promoted much lately. According to the ad, he worked as a PNO (Planned Nonoperation) since 2014. This keeps him in the DMV computer all the time. But it means he can’t put the tires on for how long due to his updated subscription.

To do this, the CRX would have to pass a fog test, and that can be a problem for a car of this era. They install a new battery pack. And hopefully, Obama-era varnished off-road gasoline and a three-barrel carburetor is not with the car.


As for confidence, this requirement to buy this CRX. And the person who gets it back in action will require the amount of $7,500. That is as what existing holders are asking in exchange for the stock in its true sense.

What do you think of this CRX and its $7,500 price tag? Is that a fair Honda Civic price Philippines for such a beautiful sports car? Or, at this price, this non-working Honda was destined to be like this?

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