Best 3 Chest Exercice you Need to do

If you are looking to build the size of your chest, these three exercises are the most important to incorporate into your exercise routine. Find out what they are, and then start practicing them now!

Three movements ensure that your chest will disappear into the past:


If you take a look at the upper body of a gymnast, it will reveal everything you should know about the power of dips. Dips are a flexible exercise that also hits your triceps as well as your front delts with a hefty force, just like a huge strike taken by Brian Dawkins.

The issue is that the majority of beginners perform dips that are terrible way.

The half-rep scourge that affects all exercises within the gyms that are commercial is also affecting dips. There’s no way to become half-repper on the dip and be expecting your chest to expand.

For proper dips, be sure to follow these steps:

  1. Take the parallel bars and extend your elbows to reach the starting position.
  2. As you descend the descent, keep your elbows near your body (not the full tuck as with an exercise with a tight grip).
  3. Lean slightly forward in the dip to put more stress on your pecs.
  4. As you get to the bottom, you’re searching for the bicep to join with the forearm.
  5. If the bicep fails to join with the forearm, then the repetition was not counted.
  6. Reverse the movement back to your starting position before beginning the next repetition.

Bench Press

Bench Press

The bench press is the most effective chest-building exercise. For some people with exceptional genetics, this could be the case.

Bench presses are an amazing upper body strength-building exercise, when you do an appropriate repetition (medium grip and arm half-tucked), it is possible to ensure that muscles are across the front delts, triceps, and chest, instead of engaging the pecs.

Different variations of the bench press barbell that make the chest more forceful are available. Barbell bench presses that are inclined with a slightly larger grip on a bench with a low angle (15 to 15 degrees, or at the initial setting for incline) can add a lot of meat to your chest.

Another variant of the old training regime in bodybuilding is The Gironda Neck Press. I can assure you that the majority of students have never experienced this press in an exercise facility before.

In his peak as a coach, The Iron Guru Vince Gironda would require bodybuilders to do the neck press to eliminate the chest. By using a larger grip on the barbell and lowering the bar towards your neck, you create a pump in your chest that’s completely absurd.

Your shoulders should be strong before doing your neck presses, therefore don’t do it without thinking about it.

The dumbbells that are flat or incline presses are great because with the use of the dumbbells you have larger flexibility in the lower part of the movement as compared to barbell models.

The various variations of barbell and dumbbell pressing can do wonders to strengthen your chest, provided that you exercise with a wide range of motion. Also, do not exercise like you’ve got the motion range of an alligator.

Push Ups

Push Ups

The push-ups are not well-known, but they can be deadly. A lot of trainees believe they’re not advanced enough for push-ups, but I’ve seen people who can put 275 pounds on the bench and struggle to perform 25 strict push-ups. 

This is absurd!

There are a variety of variations that can be used to make push-ups harder after you’ve been capable of performing high repetitions of the basic versions.

Some options you can consider to make it harder for your push-ups are:

  • Wearing a weighted vest or doing reps while holding the help of a plate.
  • Make use of high-intensity reps such as pause reps, 1 and 1/4 reps.
  • Do variations of the push-up such as those of Spider-Man and Gator Push Up.

No matter what you’re doing, including push-ups as part of your routine of training for the year will help you improve your chest.


What exercises should I do for chest day?

Most chest exercises should involve pressing exercises like the overhead press and bench press. You may also incorporate additional pec exercises, pulling exercises, and more focused training for your triceps. Your specific workout is dependent on the frequency of your training, your weekly split, and your objectives.

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