Romantic Things To Do in Singapore Tour with your Partner

Singapore, a vibrant Southeast Asian city-state, offers all the elements for a romantic vacation. The “Lion City” is an ideal trip for couples due to its diverse culinary, social, and historical attractions. If you are considering a honeymoon here, there are numerous romantic things to do in Singapore that will ensure you have a great time with your partner. But is a honeymoon in Singapore a great idea?

Singapore accommodates tourists with many interests. Whether you’re interested in the famous culinary scene or contemporary architecture with futuristic innovations, you’ll discover many exciting things to do. Moreover, you and your partner will be overwhelmed with choices regarding numerous activities, from exploring major tourist destinations to unwinding at a spa.

If you plan a honeymoon to Singapore and don’t know what to do, then Roaming Routes will help you plan a great honeymoon. With Roaming Routes’ Singapore with Bali tour packages, customize your honeymoon and experience the city’s best. Here are some activities for couples in Singapore that one must include. 

Romantic Things To Do In Singapore During Your Honeymoon

1. Enjoy a walk at the Changi Boardwalk

Changi Boardwalk is a 2.2-kilometre-long coastal pathway. Several entrances lead to the Boardwalk from this simple but gorgeous area. Further, you might take a romantic stroll with the enormous sea stretch in front of you. Hence, it is among the best romantic things to do in Singapore. 

2. A romantic evening at the Gardens by the Bay

The Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden are the three premier areas of this modern green space masterwork in the centre of Singapore. So this spans a vast 250 acres of land. Although each Garden has a distinct feature that distinguishes it from the other two, the Bay South Garden is the most popular and biggest area of the Gardens by the Bay. So if you are looking for enjoyable activities in Singapore, then make a point to visit Gardens by the Bay.

3. Visit Merlion Park

When looking for romantic things to do in Singapore, don’t miss visiting Merlion Park. Visit Merlion Park to witness the renowned water-spouting monument that previously functioned as a signpost to welcome visitors. Further, the symbol overlooks the picturesque Marina Bay and is among the most famous sights in the “Lion City.” Enjoy the charming atmosphere of this location throughout the afternoon. Merlion Park is a must-see for every tourist visiting Singapore.

4. Visit Orchard Road

Among the things to do in Singapore during your honeymoon is shopping. Orchard Road provides everything you need, whether you’re looking for souvenirs or a meaningful, romantic present. Further, this street is the principal shopping attraction in Singapore, with more than a mile of shops and boutiques. Discover hidden gems while searching for natural products in this region crammed with store after shop.

Orchard Road is not just a retail district, though. In addition, there are busy pubs, delectable eateries, art galleries, and a whiskey museum. Further, the Grande Whisky Collection is the ideal location for couples who like sampling and learning about premium spirits.

5. A romantic boat tour

You may take a river cruise at night to view the fantastic laser light display along the Bay, or you can take one during the daylight to see the city’s panoramic view and ancient buildings from the water. 

Moreover, sailing with your partner on Singapore’s gorgeous waterways is one of the most thrilling activities for couples in Singapore. It will be breezy and lovely outside; you may spend precious time together and take adorable photos. Further, this boat excursion is one of the most romantic things to do in Singapore.

6. Experience the city views from the Singapore Flyer

Among the most romantic things to do in Singapore is to take a trip on the renowned Singapore Flyer alongside your significant other and take the spectacular view from above. During this half-hour spin of Asia’s most enormous observation wheel, you will be enthralled by the limitless cityscape and marine vistas. Also available are audio tours that provide intriguing details about the city as you move.

7. Take a culinary tour

Among the best things to do in Singapore is sample Singaporean cuisine. The fusion of Chinese, Indian, and Malay cultures has resulted in Singapore’s flourishing and internationally acclaimed culinary scene. It is simple to sample the fantastic cuisine offered throughout the town, especially its renowned street food. Participate in a culinary tour to discover traditional techniques and ingredients and sample the most delicate dishes, such as Singapore Chili Crab.


Apart from this, there are other romantic things to do in Singapore. So plan your honeymoon with Roaming Routes.

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