How to define the right time to trade in cryptocurrency?


The news is all about Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is always the topic of conversation, and it’s a good thing. Since its introduction in 2009, cryptocurrency has dominated the market. Bitcoin was worth nothing back then. It could only be trade in digital tokens. Its value has risen so much that one bitcoin now is worth more than 20 thousand dollars.

It can be difficult to choose the right crypto asset and trading strategy if you’re just starting out in crypto investing. You can get help with your crypto investment portfolio from websites and applications such as Offizielle Seite. These websites can provide great support and make trading easier.

It can be difficult to know when to withdraw your investment from cryptocurrency and when to trust your decision and keep your investment. While cryptos have great potential benefits, they can also pose a risk for investors. Diversify your investments so that you don’t invest in just one asset. You should only put as much money as you can afford to lose. It is impossible to predict how the market will swing so be ready for any outcome.

This article will discuss when it’s time to pull out of your crypto investments, and when it’s time to keep going.

There are many challenges traders face due to the global nature of cryptocurrency trades.

Large buy and sell orders that require large amounts of liquidity (availability to trade with counterparties at any time) and trading volume (how often a coin is change hands at any one time) will be difficult for those who are looking to do large transactions. This is similar to a grocer selling large quantities of produce. He will want to place his stall at the busiest marketplace with the highest number of visitors.

Liquidity is less important for novice traders or those who are looking to trade smaller amounts. They may still wish to trade on established platforms as prices are less affected by manipulation or large orders.

Spot traders, who are people who sell and buy with immediate delivery of assets, face difficulties finding the right hours to trade. This is also a problem for investors in decentralized financing ( DeFi tokens).

Blockchain transaction charges, such as Ethereum gasoline fees can change rapidly from one hour to another. This is why it’s important for beginners with small portfolios that they pay attention to these prices. Because gas fees are sensitive to network congestion and not to trade size,

If a trader wants to trade $100 worth cryptocurrency, he may have to pay twice as much in gas fees if he has to do it at rush hour.

CoinDesk reached out to cryptometrics firms, market analysts, and professional traders for help in illuminating the mysteries surrounding crypto trading and the importance of time.

Continental shift

Before crypto trading became mainstream in mid-2020, it had a fairly simple structure. Western institutions shun crypto and trade, as well as other crypto activities, were primarily concentrate in Asia.

The Asian impact on bitcoin was so large that until 2021, bitcoin bulls would be afraid of the Chinese New Year in Feb when miners will dump bitcoin masses and send prices plummeting.

These patterns have changed.

Mati Greenspan (founder and CEO of Quantum Economics), stated that the 2017 rally saw the dawn in Japan a major deal for bitcoin prices. Wall Street has become more involved in the bitcoin market, so much of the action has moved west.

He said, “These days the early Asian session has become so sparse that we suspect traders might be using it as a way to manipulate the price.”

Numerous data points suggest that crypto trading activity occurs during traditional market hours in the U.S., which shows that crypto investment has shifted largely from the East to West.

William Johnson, an analyst from crypto analytics firm Coin Metrics said that Bitcoin spot volume tends peak during U.S. stock exchange hours, especially at the opening bell.

A Coin Metrics chart shared by CoinDesk shows that the correlation with U.S. trading hours was strongest in the first quarter 2022. This suggests a clear trend.

When is it time to take your profits?

When it comes to investing, there is no one-size fits all. This is especially true for Write For Us Crypto investments. Your investments should not be withdrawn at the first sign that there is trouble. Crypto investments, like all investments, should be treat with patience.

True profits will only be visible over the long-term. You will only start to see true profits over the long term.

Small gains are not necessarily bad. If you don’t make big and quick profits from your investments, do not be discourage. It takes time to find the right investment strategy to reap huge rewards in the short term. Even these small gains will eventually add up into a greater number. You must be consistent in your investment portfolio.

How can you make sure that crypto trading is profitable?

We will be discussing some strategies that you can use to maximize your crypto profits Business.

  1. Only sell a small amount at a given time If you are looking to exit the crypto market, you should start selling off smaller amounts This will ensure that you don’t lose any future profits and also remove any collateral that may be available. If you are able to reach your target price for a particular investment, this is a great option.
  2. Buy and sell the dip —Strategic strategies are essential to building a trading profile. Consider selling a small amount of your crypto when it is price higher than usual. You can then sell some of your holdings when the price drops. This is another way you can make profits.
  3. Keep your profits in stablecoins Once you have taken your profits, there are several ways to store them. One way is to store them in a fiat reserve-backed stabilitycoin. These stablecoins can also be use to purchase other coins. By providing liquidity for certain projects, you can make extra money.


We have covered the many options available to you for selling your investments or keeping them around for a while. It is important to understand all aspects of crypto investing before you start. Have fun investing!

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