The 10 Advantages of a Retail Mobile Applications

Do you think retail apps are only for the big brands? Think again! 

That might have been the case in the not-so-distant past, but technology (and your competitors) adapt swiftly. At the last count, in 2020, mobile phone users downloaded apps more than 200 billion times. 

Read on to learn ten compelling reasons your business could benefit from adding retail mobile applications to your existing online presence. 

1. Your Customers Will Appreciate the Speed

Speed is everything in today’s online world. That certainly rings true with retail, and that’s where a mobile app can help. It’s faster from browsing to checkout compared to browsing a website on your mobile. 

2. Sending Offers via Notifications

Do you have a special 24-hour sale on your site? Wouldn’t it be great to notify all your customers instantly? Well, you can with a mobile app, helping you convert more of your marketing promotions. 

3. You Can Add Value

Customers love being on their phones. That means you can use your app to add extra features and applications to your retail stores, such as how-to videos or design inspiration. 

4. It’s Personalised

Customers typically log in to an app, which means you have the perfect opportunity to customise the experience. Why not promote a personalised featured product on the home screen based on their buying history?  

5. More Sales 

Having an app gives you another revenue stream, attracting people who may not visit your website regularly. It helps you boost your sales revenue without spending money on paid ads. 

6. It Makes Your Brand Look Professional 

Having your logo on an app on your customers’ phones will help you look the part. It will give your business fantastic brand recognition.  

7. You’ll Boost Your Email List  

You can ask people to log in and use the app via email. That allows you to add customer leads to your email list for future marketing opportunities, even if they aren’t yet ready to buy from you. 

8. You Can Add a Loyalty Program 

Choosing to pursue app development allows you to think of new features your customers will love. One of those features is a loyalty program, which rewards those who buy from you regularly. 

9. You Can Improve Customer Service

 You can add a support feature in the app to allow your customers to contact you via a chat facility. You can also add delivery and shipment tracking. Both these benefits boost your customer service. 

10. You’ll Have the Edge Over Your Competition 

Finally, a retail app is a chance to get ahead of your competition. That will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and develop customer loyalty, making it a cost-effective long-term investment. 

Are You Ready to Embrace Retail Mobile Applications

If you have grand ambitions for your retail business, it’s time to take it one step further. Investing in retail mobile applications will help future-proof your business and boost sales.

If you are ready to start that journey, watch demo for a behind-the-scenes glance and what our technology can do for your business. 

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