Is It Required To Wear Riding Gear In Indian Traffic?

Safety is a term every rider and driver should take seriously, especially on Indian roads that can sometimes be considered an obstacle course. Bike riding accessories such as helmets, jackets, gloves and riding boots are essential for motorcyclists in Indian traffic. But riding gear is easily found in several automotive accessories stores online, and the rider has a wide choice of products to choose from.

Riding gear is essential on the road and can be a lifesaver if an accident occurs. Before buying safety gear, riders often have many questions regarding the type of gear they should buy, if it is really required, or to choose function over fit. This article talks about riding gear and how the rider benefits from wearing it.

What is safety gear for a biker?

Riding gear or safety gear is a type of personal protective equipment that can help the rider from certain injuries in the case of an accident. Below is the list of gear that are used to reduce exposure to a mishap include:

  • Riding gloves
  • Goggles or protective eyewear
  • Helmets
  • Face masks
  • Body armour
  • Jackets
  • Riding boots
  • Rain gear
  • Knee and elbow guards

It is important for riders to wear safety gear because safety gears are designed to protect them. Other safety equipment like gloves, jackets and boots are an added layer of protection considering the state of roads in India, and the fact that many motorists simply flout basic safe driving practices when they drive on the wrong side of the road or over speed.

Vehicles on the road require safety and this is more important for riders of motorcycles. No matter how experienced a rider is, there will always be a motorist less careful than you, which is where safety gear can save your life.

Importance of wearing riding gear

Safety gear provides the first line of protection for a rider and can save lives when it comes to an accident or other incident on the road. It is important to wear the right type of safety gear for the given situation. Helmets should fit well to offer adequate protection in the case of a fall.

According to government statistics, Indian roads are veritable death traps for motorcyclists and drivers. Many motorists lose their lives every hour due to the decaying state of roads, increasing traffic, and drivers not following the safety norms. Just wearing seatbelts is something drivers find difficult to comply with. It goes without saying that bike riders should be extra cautious because there is little to protect them other than their helmets and riding gear.

Two-wheelers like motorcycles, scooters and mopeds constitute the majority of vehicles on Indian roads. Subsequently, there are more injuries and deaths associated with two-wheelers than any other vehicle category in India.

The condition of Indian roads has been in its current state for the past few decades. There have been several initiatives, laws conversations and arguments from the government and other authorities, but little has improved, in fact, we see the situation deteriorating in some ways.

What remains constant is the fact that riding gear and safety equipment are essential to protect motorists and can save lives in the long run.

Types of riding gear

Below is the different type of safety gears:

Helmets – The most crucial safety gear is the helmet. It protects your head and is the most essential safety gear to save lives.

Jackets – protect the upper body of the biker. They have thick paddings over the elbows, shoulders and neck to prevent injuries during an accident.

Riding pants – These have extra material around the knee area and on the rear. If you slide off your motorcycle, the chances of grazing your knees are minimum.

Boots – protect your feet from injuries. They have steel toes and thick soles to keep your feet safe.

Hand gloves – protect your hands from scratches and light injuries. They also offer a good grip when you ride.


Vehicles on the road require safety and this is more important for riders of motorcycles. No matter how experienced a rider is, there will always be a motorist less careful than you, which is where safety gear can save your life.

Riding gear is an investment that will keep you well-protected from falls, accidents and any other mishap you may encounter on the road. Always wear protective gear and follow traffic rules to remain safe on the road.

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