Harvard Style Citation & Reference – A Complete Guide

Referencing and citation are completely new tasks that most academic research beginners need to know before starting a final-year project. In early schools and colleges, we are not asked to give references to every piece of information that does not originally belong to us. The case is not the same for undergraduate or final-year research students. Because providing a reference of the original author is necessary to acknowledge his/her efforts. Finding references is not difficult but deciding the correct style to use in your dissertation is a bit difficult. Thus, this article will guide you about one of the most commonly used referencing styles, ‘Harvard style citation & reference’. Let’s learn this style so you can at least master this style after reading this article:

Harvard Style Citation:

Whenever you start writing a literary document such as an academic assignment, research paper, or dissertation, citations are important tools so others can judge the quality of your research. In-text citation helps your reader know which ideas do not originally belong to you. Thus, you must hint at the original author by giving its name or year of publication in brackets right after the piece of information imported from other sources. In many cases, you should also give a relevant page number if applicable to your source. To take a sample to understand how it works, you can seek dissertation help UK.

Harvard Style Citation Guide:

The following is a step-by-step guide and rules to follow while giving in-text citations by using the Harvard style guide:

  1. Make an original claim that must justify your thesis and the objectives of the research. In science, your claim must be supported by evidence that may be in the form of already published theories, facts, statistics, and figures. Thus, after making a claim, you must search for the evidence and note the author’s name and year of publication.
  2. Right after the evidence put brackets and consider the following rules:
  3. Write only the last name of the author followed by a comma and year of publication in case of only one author. In the last, put round brackets around it. For example, (Smith, 2019)
  4. In the case of two authors of a study, you can follow the same rules except for the addition of the last name of the second author as well like (Smith and Yond, 2019).
  5. If a study is a result of a joint venture of three authors, then in-text Harvard-style citation will be like (Smith, Yong and William, 2019).
  6. If a source is published by a group of researchers, then in order to summarise the in-text citation, you can use et al., with the last name of the first author like this: (Smith et al., 2019).

Harvard Style Referencing:

The Harvard style citation & reference are both integral parts of a research project. However, the complete references, along with search links, must not be placed within the text. The correct place for complete references is the bibliography section. Thereby, the following is a brief description of the steps to follow for writing a perfect Havard-style reference to be added in the bibliography section.

There is a simple hard and fast rule to create a detailed reference in a research project. That is:

Full last names of authors followed by the first alphabet of all other parts of their names, full stop and comma without space (.,), year of publication (2019), full stop (.), complete title of an article, full stop (.), Journal’s name or abbreviations in italics, comma (,), volume/edition, comma (,), page number (s), and full stop. Like this:

Smerick, L.I., Moreno, J.B. Just, R.S., and Irwin, J.A., 2022. Concordance and Performance of the ForenSeq™ system for finding Y and autosomal chromosome’s short tandem. Forensic Science International: Genetics20, pp.50-55.


Review the above example to further understand Harvard-style references and try to make an in-text citation from it as well.

Answer: The Harvard style citation for the above reference will be (Smerick et al., 2022)

Thus, by following the rules, you can easily give references and citations in your dissertation with great ease. However, now there are several available automated citation generators that can create both Harvard-style citations & references with only a few clicks. For instance, if you still want expert help, Dissertation Writers UK are 24/7 hours ready to assist you.

Final Thoughts:

The article has summarised the whole referencing process by describing a few simple steps and rules. By following these steps and rules, you can surely make a perfect bibliography of well-composed references, even on the first attempt. In the end, you can also search for other guides summarising other referencing styles to master all styles.

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