Milwaukee Drill New Tool For 2022

Following a milwaukee drill hiatus of two years due to the threat of pandemics Milwaukee Tools hosted its annual Pipeline event on the 28th of June at its headquarters in Menomonee Falls Wis. Milwaukee Tools invited Family Handyman into its Research and Development labs to show our readers a glimpse at some of the products and products they’ll release this year.

This was by far one of the top tools by Milwaukee and with the right reason. Nearly every tool manufacturer has one and Milwaukee wanted to make sure it was exactly right. The result was not disappointing.

On one of the demonstrations the team from the product department let us run our track saw through about two inches of hardwood live-edge slab. The saw sliced across the slab like butter leaving a smooth surface you’d expect from track saw. The plunge action was great and the track was free of slippage even after ripping the two-inch slab using bevel cuts.

The saw has an adjustable speed dial which matches its speed to the materials it’s cutting. A collection bag is a great way to control dust accumulation. If you buy the bag as a kit it will also include one M18 RedLithium high output XC 6.0 battery as well as an electric charger that can be quickly charged and the Packout XL toolbox. The track saw will launch in at the end of October in 2022. It will cost you back $550.

The accessories available include three different sizes of tracks clamps, a new strip for splintering and various blades that can cut different materials.

M12 Fuel Orbital Detail Sander

Milwaukee recognizes that few people are able to sand. However, this M12 Fuel Orbital Detail sander can make the process of sanding faster and more enjoyable.

The detail sander has an ergonomic barrel grip that holds the battery M12. It also places the trigger as well as the triangular pad for sanding in the ideal location to provide the perfect finish to your sanding. The design offers users the slim profile of an oscillating sanding machine, but more efficient results thanks to the circular motion and the fact that it has less vibration.

Alongside that of the detail sander Milwaukee has announced a collection of mesh sanding sheets which will last for up to two times as long and offer greater resistance to breakage when sanding sharp corners. Milwaukee will also provide the softer contour Sanding Pad for following lines in trimming. The sander as well as its accessories will be available from August at a price of $150.

M18 Fuel 1/2″-in. Drill/Driver

A must-have in both professional and DIYers toolboxes the drill that is cordless and 1/2-in. drill is so commonplace that I couldn’t resist mentioning it. What’s something new? My assumption is that it will be lighter and more robust.

However, Milwaukee added an important safety feature in the M18 Fuel’s fourth generation 1/2-in. driver and drill: an Autostop feature that shuts off power, not spinning an impaled piece. This has happened to virtually all drillers drilling larger holes or through materials that could be secured with nails.

The Autostop feature will stop the drill, before it is able to twist your arm in an uncomfortable position, thereby helping to keep your projects running. This driver and drill will be available by august for $310.

M18 Fuel 1/8-in. Hex Impact Driver

I am a huge fan of the Impact driver. I use it instead of my drill or driver most of the time. However, for those who aren’t familiar with using an impact driver and power of the bit makes it difficult to operate.

The fourth version of the M18 Fuel 1/4-in. Hex Impact Driver Milwaukee changed the way it maps its trigger and gave the user more control over the device’s RPM (rpm). This makes this model more suitable for novice users as well as DIYers.

Even an experienced impact driver user can get this device and drive screws through things that you normally use a handdriver for, outlet boxes, without having to worry about the screw going to the right place. Like the drill/driver impact driver will be on sale in August, and will cost $300.

M12 M12 RedLithium High Output Battery

It would not be the same as a Milwaukee event without a change on their platform for batteries. This year their M12 batteries received one.

The M12 RedLithium High-Output batteries give a boost to the low-profile CP 2.5 Ah cells, delivering the same power output to the older generation XC batteries, but in a smaller form. Larger XC 5.0 Ah battery makes the 125+ tools that are part of this platform more efficient.

Both options with high output offer more protection from common issues like dirt, grease and other dirt. Additionally, since it operates 25 % cooler than the average, you won’t have to change it every so often.

The batteries will be on sale in August. The CP 2.5 costs $80 while the larger XC 5.0 will cost $120.

RedLithium USB Stick Light with Magnet

Stick lights are helpful all in the home This makes the latest RedLithium USB Stick Light with Magnet the perfect item to add to the trash storage drawer and garage workstation.

The product comes with a couple of nice additions. The reverse of the dock accessory is equipped with an attachment magnet that binds the device to surfaces that are not ferrous which allows you to your horizontal work surfaces free of clutter. The light on the stick will give you four different lighting options which includes my personal favoritean inspection light at the point on the end of the wand that articulates as well as two bar lights that are each one simultaneously.

The light comes with an extremely strong magnet as well as hooks on the bottom, which lets you place the light exactly where you want it. The USB-C port power source allows you to plug it in to charge mobile phones. The light itself costs just $100, whereas the package with the charging dock costs $150. All of them will be available by September.

We also saw some other ingenuous tools during this year’s Pipeline 2022 event, so keep an eye out for the latest updates by Milwaukee Tools throughout the year.

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