All You Need To Know About The Bombshell Customized Sleeve Boxes!

Let us begin with the structural design of the very famous custom printed sleeve boxes

What is it like to open a side table drawer? It smoothly slides forward and then moves back into its original position. The game-changer step is to move the knob, and the job is done!

  • It is a two-piece box (kraft/cardboard)
  • The upper part, i.e., the lid, has an open front with no tuck-in flaps
  • The base of the box is tray shaped
  • The sleeve is also available with a transparent sheet
  • The box is like a canvas and gives a blank check to the clients for customized decorations and surface coatings.

So Best part? Anyone can move the sleeve halfway instead of entirely removing it, thus it gives an overview of the precious goods inside.

Why Custom Sleeve Boxes Are The Top-Notch Choice For Packing The Products?

Companies require sleeve boxes wholesale. Yes, we mean they need a maximum number of packages to fulfill the orders. And why not? You will fall in love if you explore the outstanding perks of sleeve boxes.

The perfect partner in crime

Are you a hodophile and searching for a box to keep your belongings? Perfect! Welcome to the Custom Boxes Zone. Diversity is our specialty, and brands live for it. We have not stuck in old-fashioned design ideology anymore. Custom boxes that perfectly carry your baggage instead of doing the opposite.

We are pinpointing our very own custom sleeve boxes. Have you ever keenly noticed its structural design? Although it is a two-piece box, it smoothly slides into the purse, hand carry, and backpack. Plus, it never crushes even if facing pressure from all sides.

Make your camping, safari trips, and picnics worth sharing with our customized pieces.

Beautiful Gift Box

Custom boxes are a wholesome entity. We need to broaden our vision and accept that it is more than a storage container. If you have brains and creative skills, it can pop into a gift box. Yes, that’s amazing.

Moreover, customized add-ons do wonders for this beautiful beast! Similarly, window, handle, ribbon, and inserts magically turn it into a subscription or a marketing box. Thus it opens the door for cross-selling.  

Passed On As An Heirloom

Because people cherish and pass on their valuable holdings to the next generation. And it’s a never-ending beautiful trend. It holds the families together, and they realize the worth of quality items. It is surprising for most people that custom boxes are a valuable asset.

The truth is that customized sleeve packaging is a miraculous box. It holds the grandma’s albums, jewelry, or antique decorative pieces intact. Indeed the container is also a part of that journey. And the moment you open it, you can feel your grandma’s presence (love hormones).

Connect and unwind with customized packaging.

Boosts The Vibe Of The Product To The Next Level

Do you want to pack the cufflinks, ties, and delicate ornament pieces? Are you hunting for an organized yet fashionable box?

We have custom printed sleeve boxes designed as per the clientele’s demands. No matter the product’s color, size, or shape, our packaging perfectly holds it together.

  • No floating or bumping of items into one another
  • It is also scratched and stains free
  • It has no use of bubble wrap, plastics, or foam peanuts

A Nuclear Bomb Marketing Tool

What is the cost-effective way to sway away the customers? Product quality is an obvious answer. So it drains a lot of resources, brain, and hard work to generate the best results. Come on; it’s time to follow the Custom Boxes Zone golden rules.

A bold and artistic logo on sleeve packaging wholesale is fabulous for the following reasons.

Brand awarenessYes
Verifies the companyYes
Spellbinds the customers Yes
Puts the rivals at bay- no plagiarizingYes
Smooth business operations-no stumble block.Yes
Perfect for acing the fame gameYes
Sleeve boxes with logo make your brand the social media champYes
High-priced brand marketingNo

Bears A Surprising Amount Of Damage

The boxes can tolerate extreme conditions (temperature and pressure). Because if the boxes are sturdy and durable, they are here to stay! So no one on this planet can dethrone your company.

Kraft is the top choice of brands worldwide. Similarly, it is popular and way too robust. Ideal for shipping and mailing purposes. On the contrary, cardboard is frequently used.

Therefore we provide Custom Boxes Wholesale that offers maximum strength, durability, and protection to the packed items.

No Room For Over Packing

Have you ever seen an exploding suitcase at the airport? Yeah, that’s pretty common. And as a result, the suitcase becomes bloated with stubborn zippers. Overpacking is not only restricted to bags but is everywhere. Because doesn’t overfill our tummies, pockets, and minds with unnecessary stuff. So the same chaos goes with the box packaging.

So hold on a second. It’s a big NO at the Custom Boxes Zone. And as a result the smart design of the custom sleeve boxes discourages the brands from crossing the threshold. Pondering why?

The right-size customized sleeve boxes are designed according to the item’s weight, size, and shape. If it is meant for gifting a pen, you can’t stuff it with candles; similarly, if you ordered a box for electronic items, it is unfair to stuff it with apparel items.

Although our boxes are long-lasting, improper use significantly reduces the functionality of the packages.

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