The Ultimate Guide to Custom Business Card Boxes and Packaging

Packaging your business cards in custom business card boxes can be the difference between a simple greeting card and an unforgettable marketing tool that leaves an impression on potential clients or customers. But how do you decide which box and packaging material is best for your business? This ultimate guide to custom business card boxes and packaging will help you learn everything from what exactly it is and why these boxes make sense to use in relation to your company’s branding goals and sales strategies.

What is a business card box?

A business card box is design with space for storing, organizing, and shipping business cards. A quality business card box will help you save money on shipping costs by providing a sturdy method of keeping your cards in good condition while they’re store.


A quality handmade business card box allows you to quickly sort through your entire collection of business cards at any time, ensuring that you never misplace or forget about a contact again. An additional benefit of choosing a handmade design is that it can often be customize in many different ways so that it suits your specific needs as an individual. Choose from different finishes such as lacquered wood, acrylics, metal, or even just plain cardboard!

Common Problems Associated with Business Card Boxes

Business card Custom Packaging in Houston TX are a type of packaging that should be durable, yet elegant. They serve a dual purpose of protecting the cards in the box as well as displaying them at an event. With such important criteria in mind, it’s easy to see why getting the business card box design right is so difficult. So what’s causing this conundrum? A few common problems that come up when designing a business card box are:

1.  The contact information for your company is not aesthetically pleasing or it is not readable on your logo-adorned business cards. If you can’t be found easily, it’s unlikely anyone will buy from you.

2.  You don’t have enough space to include all the relevant details about your company.

3.  Your creativity isn’t support by good graphics software – either because it lacks functionality or because you’re unfamiliar with it.

4.  You’re looking for something affordable but the printer doesn’t provide service anywhere near where you live, which means shipping costs will add considerably to your budget.

When Should You Use a Business Card Box?

A business card box is a great alternative for those who are looking for a customized alternative to their business card holder, custom mug, or letterpress greeting card. Here’s when you might want to get one:

1. Hosting an event where guests will be exchanging cards at the end of the night (think holiday party or wedding)

2. You need more room on your desk than what a traditional business card holder provides.

3. Preferred method of transportation includes keeping everything in one hand (tote bags work well)

4. You would like to have your contact information printed on the outside of the box

Understanding the Design and Printing Process

Since there are many aspects that go into designing and printing custom business card boxes, let’s take a look at what each one entails.

1.      Design of box:

The process starts with the design of the box. For this, you can go online or use software for printing custom gift cards boxes. Find some instructions and know where to get templates for various purposes online. It gives you an opportunity to personalize your boxes in whatever way suits your needs best so feel free to mix-and-match their components such as backgrounds or graphics until you find something that suits you well!

2.      Printing cards:

There are many different types of printers out there but typically they either use inkjet or laser technology to print photos, text, illustrations and more onto paper. For instance, a dye sublimation process is use while lasers firing onto a photoconductor drum to generate images are also use. It is then transfer onto paper. Keep in mind that some printers may require certain types of paper such as glossy photo paper if you want high quality prints so make sure to do your research beforehand.

Material used for making business custom business card boxes

A variety of materials are use in the making of business custom business card boxes including various papers, cardboard, metal, plastic, even leather. Different types of papers have different properties like durability, thickness and whether they are waterproof or not.


Plastic is a more expensive option but it can be any color you want! How much you spend on your cards will largely determine what material you choose for your custom business card box packaging.


Paper thickness affects how durable the paper is and how many cards you can fit into one box. Thicker paper is usually better quality than thin paper because it takes less pressure to damage thin paper. Paper that is too thin may also tear if stored improperly after being print.


Cards made out of thicker cardboard are better quality than those made from thinner cardboard. They don’t bend as easily when drop onto a hard surface which means the printing on them doesn’t get damage as easily.

Final Thoughts

Card boxes are a unique way to provide business cards with flair. These boxes come in many different shapes, colors, designs, and even materials. When choosing an appropriate card box for your brand, it’s best to consider how it may complement the design on your card or the feel of the product you want consumers to see first. Whether you want something minimalistic or playful, there is always a perfect match waiting for you!

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