How Can Career Counselling Support High School Students?

Do people need to understand exactly what a career is? The selected course will be the student’s final choice, which will work for them in their practical life. Now picking up the respective courses like medical, computer science, commerce, engineering, arts, etc. leads them towards their professional life. Their excellence in any of the courses will make them experts in their relative fields. How Can Career Counselling Support High School Students?

Most of the time, students realize they are not suitable for this field after selecting the course and studying it for one year. Parents are so busy in their lives that they hardly ask the students about their interests and admit them in the most hearing fields that, are medical and engineering. Under the extreme pressure of their parents, students pick the course and forcefully complete the degree in that particular course. The drawback of this violent act comes from negative outcomes when they perform in their professional lives.

Career Counselling

From the above discussion, it can be grasped that the most important thing for choosing a field for the respective career building is to self-explore to analyze and determine personal interests. Nowadays, students are somehow studying while building their careers in different fields, as educational institutions still go with the online education system. Online education has helped students in a variety of ways. Furthermore, if students are busy building their careers, they can ask for online class help to take my online class during exam times.

In the traditional schooling systems, students tend to pick a few courses and excel in them because there were only a few students who were supposed to get admission to higher education, but now when there is a huge number of students in higher education and in the world of modernization where there are numerous fields they need to be counselled.

Effective Method

Career counselling is an effective method to make students understand how to make the right way for them. Career counselling must be given to the students from their school life, so they can be proactive in whatever they are doing. Students will understand themselves and will know about their interests with relevance. Career counselling also saves time and money being spent on the children. When students are counselled, they select the fields of their choice with the relevance of their interests and perform well in their careers.

There is also an uncomfortable trend that prevails in our society: humiliation for your choice. This also plays a negative role in making parents and their children biased in choosing their careers; in these situations, they make wrong decisions. One wrong decision impacts the students’ whole career life, which does not only look bad for the particular children but also for their parents and the whole society. This ultimately affects the economy of the country as well.


Following are some of the benefits of career counselling for students;

Helps in clarifying goals

They try to set clear goals and milestones to achieve them rather than being biased and confused about their future. Career development is not a one-day activity but a life-long process that eventually. Hits a student’s future either positively or negatively.

Helps in determining the strengths and weaknesses of the students

They try to analyze their strengths and weaknesses and think about which career option is best. Suited for their personality regardless of the criticism of the society, etc., even in the selected career; has different areas, which career counselling helps in examining which area is well-suited for the students.

Helps in learning key skills

A career counsellor not only gives career guidance but also helps in building key skills for the students like interviewing. Making job letters, how to apply for jobs, etc., so when the students enter their professional lives. It is not the first time they are giving interviews. This also builds up confidence among them.

Helps in broaden the minds

A career counsellor helps create awareness among the students about the corporate world. Students and their parents think to a limited level about a career. But career counselling helps broaden the students’ and parents’ minds and perspectives about all careers. They think all careers are good for the relevant person and no career is shameful and destructive.


Educational institutions must set budgets for career counselling sessions. Make their future bright by pursuing their interests.

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