10 Effective Ways 5th Graders Can Learn to Spell Words 

Does learning to spell seem too boring for 5th-grade students? Well, who can really blame them, when they are asked to memorize loads of information every day? All that they care about is what game they are going to play next time they meet their friends. They are least bothered about how words like ‘APPLE’ or ‘BOTTLE’ really spell.

What if the learning process could be made more fun by mixing it with games? We have shared some interesting ways on how 5th graders can learn English spelling effectively without getting bored. They will be exposed to spelling words in a slightly different way but it will be totally worth it.

Here are some exercises designed for making their spelling learning process fun and engaging;

1. Using spellings to create raps and rhymes

This is a great way kid can engage in their spelling lessons beyond their classrooms.  Raps and rhymes can help them get a better understanding of the words. It will be a fun experience for them. Spellings with fun rhymes tend to stick better in minds.  If you have still doubt about grammar, so you can also check your grammar with the grammar checker tool.
This exercise will let them hum them even outside the classes, thus making it easier for them to memorise the spelling.

2. Taking part in fun crosswords

A crossword is where you really push yourself to get the answer. This is an excellent exercise to keep their mind working and interestingly learn to spell.  Crosswords involve passive review techniques and a more active type of learning. While solving crossword puzzles, students have to implement several skills like vocabulary, spelling and reasoning. So in a way you can say that it is a great advantage for kids since they involve different learning styles.

Sometimes teachers break down the students into groups and encourage them for working together to solve the crossword puzzles and learn collaboratively. As they fill in the blanks, they will get a sense of accomplishment.

3. Getting immersed in crafts and arts

Often students learn to spell better when they are being creative. This works best among auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learners.  Breaking out from the usual pencils and pens for writing out words, students can use the art supplies like crayons, paints, markers and other creative equipment to spell out words. This is a fun activity where students tend to learn best.

4. Use sensory play 

Some kids tend to learn best when their senses are involved. They are required to use all of their five senses which are essential for the learning process of the child. Getting involved in activities like spraying shaving cream on the table and tracing the words on it, writing words with a stick on the sand. This is a great way of cementing words in the memory.

5. Act out the words

‘Acting out the words’ involves the same concept as charades, except here they have to use spelt words.

6. Matching words to pictures

Another effective way to learn to spell is by connecting the spellings or spoken words with the visuals. This helps students with grasping the context and meaning better, thus helping them learn to spell effectively.

7. Highlighting spellings from newspapers

Knowing how the spelt words use in the sentence can help them understand the purpose and the usage of the words in contents. Kids can use a highlighter to highlight these words or sections of newspapers and magazines.

8. Create lists of spellings in separate categories

Creating your own list to test your knowledge or memorization skills is another effective way of learning spelling. This game is best played within a group. Suppose you make categories like “animal”, “place”, “things”, “fruits or vegetables”, etc.  One of you thinks of an alphabet using which every one of you has to write in all categories. Like if the letter is A, then there will be words like apple (fruit), Alabama (place), anteaters (animal), ambulance (thing) and the list goes on. This game brings out competitiveness among the children and helps them explore more words.

9. Play the hangman

They will surely enjoy playing it and it will be a great learning experience for them. These games require participation from at least two kids. They do not need anything more than just a pen and paper and of course the ability to spell. Each time they guess wrong, it brings them closer to losing.

10. Spell and toss

Balled-up sock is the preferable better choice in this game. As kids stand in a circle, the first player needs to call out the word and toss the ball to the next player who will say the first letter of the word. Again, the third person will say the second letter, and so on. However, if a player says the wrong letter, he/she has to toss the player to the net player who will have to try on a different letter.  This is a great game o enrich your vocabulary and spelling skills.


Learning to spell words from an early age will help children in various ways. Since students in 5th grade tend to do better with intriguing, hands-on activities, adding fun games into the learning process is probably the best idea. Feel free to try as many as you want and figure out which one draws you most and helps you learn effectively.

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