Amazon Prime partners with Grubhub+

Amazon recently announced that it would enter into a partnership with Grubhub owner Just Eat Takeaway.

Under the proposal, Amazon will offer its Amazon Prime members free membership to the Grubhub+ service. Launched in 2020 Grubhub+ is akin to the Amazon Prime business model and promises free delivery on all orders for its subscribers.

Amazon also stands to benefit mutually with an equity stake in Just Eat Takeaway as well. Previously Amazon Prime student members received a free annual subscription to Grubhub+ services. Today Grubhub+, Deliveroo Plus and DoorDash are just a few of the services competing for a share of the massive food delivery market. 

Prime Moments

Amazon Prime dates back to 2005 and as of April 2021 claimed to have over 200 million global subscribers. The core benefit of Amazon Prime is that subscribers can get unlimited free delivery on selected Amazon featured products. 

Amazon Prime is a annual subscription based service and includes access to Amazon Video, Prime Photos     and Prime Music. Today Amazon Prime members can be found in over 20 countries. Over ten million eligible products can be delivered within the same day for those who are members of Amazon Prime.

Prime Music offers unlimited ad free music streaming and Prime Reading presents a selection of digital books that can be read for free. Prime Pantry is now discontinued but did offer Amazon Prime members the chance to shop for everyday groceries that were packed into a single box for delivery.

As users added items to the box, the amount of available space reduced until the box was full. This kind of technology is also used by augmented reality app developers when completing their delivery mobile apps.

If you are really in a hurry, the Amazon Prime Now service offers residents of Manhattan the opportunity to purchase items via Amazon Prime and have them delivered within just one hour!

The Amazon In-Home service offers members with a special type of digital lock to receive deliveries at their home when they are not present. The digital door lock would film the entire delivery process and the video is shared to the Amazon Prime member. You can also get your Amazon Prime purchases delivered directly to the trunk of your car with its In-Car service. 

Services such as Amazon rely heavily on mobile applications and by is a mobile app development expert based in Melbourne Australia. They have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver your mobile app project on time and within budget. 

With a clear rise in e-commerce transactions, the appetite for products, brands and services to satisfy the needs of subscribers is only getting larger. 

Thanks to advances in AR app design it is now possible to create powerful, functional and responsive mobile apps that help delivery services such as Amazon Prime, thrive and compete globally.

Since its launch, Amazon Prime continues to deliver its valued subscribers the best of deals, discounts and promotions that enable them to make the most of this mutually beneficial loyalty programme. 

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