Digital Skills for the Workplace Every Employee Should Know

In the beginning, it is imperative to understand the meaning of digital skills. These are a set of abilities for using applications, networks, communication, and digital devices to manage information. The skills allow people to develop and exchange digital content, collaborate and communicate. Digital skills also come in handy for solving problems for creative and effective social activities, work, and learning.

So, what are the entry-level digital skills? These refer to the fundamental functional skills necessary for using online applications and digital devices. Following are some digital skills for office every employee should be aware of:

1.    Expertise in using smartphones

Today, smartphones have become extremely widespread for online use as compared to desktops. As such, it has become a necessity for the organisations to tweak their expertise if they want to survive soon. The increased use of smartphones also signifies that organisations should adjust their strategies accordingly. It also means embracing a mobile-first approach. The customer journey and content should be optimised for mobile devices.

Not to forget that most of the communication today takes place through native apps like Instagram and Snapchat. The popularity of apps also signifies that organisations have to be in sync with trends to ensure that the apps they develop are relevant. More importantly, these apps have to be discoverable.

Smart, Artificial Intelligence-powered marketing platforms are able to translate a huge volume of user data into updates about how the app is marketed. Your workforce should simply focus on developing the relevant skills for harnessing it effectively.

2.    Advanced social selling

The social media platforms saw a massive boom in the 2000s and have now matured a lot. The platform has its own set of loyal users and followers. It signifies that the sales teams should also adjust for the future changes. Successful social sellers insist that hard sell and cold call are no longer in trend today. Instead, the focus is shifting to value-based selling.

Trust is the core element of value-based selling. Advanced social sellers have to be equipped with conversation and content to create this. It will help them to nurture more meaningful association with their customers. The online content quality for your product and organisation will be necessary for all sales teams in the future.

Quality content can help social sellers to build relationships and start conversations. Relationships are extremely important moving forward. Additionally, it is imperative to connect to your audience and potential customers. Thereafter, maintain the relationship by doing value addition in terms of sharing content.

 You will agree that social media offers an exciting chance to educate, as well as become a resource for all potential customers. It works better than selling directly. Remember, that it is for the next phase of the customer journey.

3.    Expert data analysis

There was a time when digital skills were considered to be a niche skill set. However, today, these skills have emerged as a workplace essential. In many countries, professionals and managers require basic digital skills for their day-to-day functioning. Data analysis is a skill, which every supervisor and manager should possess these days.

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