Fantasy Cricket Is India’s Favorite Virtual Sport

Cricket influences Indians such that the sport is not treated like any other sport but as a religion. Indians eat, sleep and breathe cricket. 

We are so enamored with cricket that we often forget it is not our national sport; nonetheless, no one can deny that we have adopted it informally. Cricket has also done an excellent job of eliminating the divide created by religion, class, or community on the field since Indians applaud every player. In every Indian heart, every variety and discrepancy is swept away by pure non-denominational bliss.

Earlier, cricket was only dominated by men as it was introduced to us as a men’s sport by the Britishers. That went on for decades until, in 1976, the Indian Women’s team played their first match against West Indies and recorded their first-ever win against West Indies in 1978 in Patna. Today, India has one of the top men’s and women’s cricket teams globally. Both of our teams have astounded us with their efforts on numerous occasions.

Cricket is one of those games where spectators put their disagreements aside and appreciate the game for what it is. It is a sport that is admired across the country. Cricket is loved by everyone in India, from kids and adults to the elderly. Although it was hard to play cricket due to the COVID isolation, virtual sports, particularly fantasy cricket, rose to prominence in India at that time. Digital sports are leading to a new era of online cricket. Fantasy cricket is a virtual platform where you can build a team of real cricket players and get points based on how the players perform in real-life matches. Hundreds of virtual sports applications are accessible around the country, and the number is steadily increasing.

What is a better way to experience the thrill of cricket than to play fantasy cricket and win real cash?

You can play IPL (Indian Premier League), CPL (Caribbean Premier League), BBL (BIG Bash League), and other competitions on the fantasy cricket app. Most die-hard cricket fans play fantasy cricket on their mobile phones every day. However, people are most enamored with virtual cricket because it closely resembles all field activities.

However, fantasy cricket is not for everyone, and you must understand the principles of the game and be proficient. You must be thoroughly familiar with cricket, including all of the rules and regulations, and determine which players to keep on your side. Your team selection should be precise and well-considered if you want to succeed.

When playing fantasy cricket, make sure you do your research first and check:

  • Information about all of the players
  • Stats on the team’s recent performance
  • Stats on all of the players’ recent performances
  • The team’s batting, fielding, and chasing performances

With good research and strategy, you will perform well in the matches. Make sure to pick your captain and vice-captain carefully, as their performance will determine the majority of your points. Even if you’ve never played cricket before, you can learn about it and use your acquired knowledge, abilities, and strategy to ascend to the top of this wonderful sport.

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