What To Do If The Car Is Bought From A Dealer Is Not Authorized

Purchasing a vehicle from a dealer can be the best thing if the expectation is to find a good deal and have peace of mind that the car is new. But what happens if, after driving it home, a realization follows that the car bought is not authorized by the manufacturer?

Explain the situation to the dealer and see if they can offer any assistance. If they are unwilling to help, the next step is to get the manufacturer directly.

If in the automobile market for a new car, it’s essential to research to make sure to buy from an authorized dealer. An authorized dealer such as vw dealer in moreno valley is a dealership that has been certified by the automobile manufacturer to sell and service their vehicles.

The number of car dealers in Moreno Valley increased by 8% between 2005 and 2013. This means that there are now variety of options available for people looking to buy a car. It’s not surprising to see a constant rise in the number of dealers in this area, considering the population has grown by 40% since 2000.

There are a few automobile-based things that can be done to make sure to buy from an authorized dealer:

– Check the dealership’s website: Most manufacturers will list their authorized dealerships on their website.

– Call the dealership: Once found a few dealerships in the area, give them a call and ask if they’re authorized to sell and service the make of the preferred car.

– Ask for proof: When visiting the dealership, ask for evidence that they’re an authorized dealer. This can usually be in a certificate or letter from the manufacturer.

Where to buy a car without wondering if it’s authorized?

One automobile purchasing option is to buy a car from a private seller. This can be someone the buyer may know, such as a friend or family member. When purchasing from a private seller, it’s essential to research to make sure the car is in good condition, and there aren’t any outstanding recalls. It is crucial to get a vehicle history report to check for previous accidents or damage.

Another option is to buy a car from a certified pre-owned dealership such as vw dealer in  moreno valley. These dealerships sell used vehicles that have been inspected by the manufacturer and come with a warranty. This automobile-based aspect can give peace of mind knowing that car has been thoroughly checked and is covered in case of any problems.

Why To Buy Car From a Certified Dealer

1. Will get a quality car. Certified dealers have to meet specific standards to be approved, so it is an assurance that the vehicles they sell are good quality.

2. Will have peace of mind. Buying from a certified dealer means being covered by a warranty, so if something goes wrong with the car, the buyer can get it fixed without paying out of pocket.

3. Will get better financing options. Certified dealers often have relationships with lenders to help get financing for the used car purchase.

4. Will be able to trade in the old car. If the buyer has an old car that they want to trade in, a certified dealer will be able to give a fair trade-in value for it.

5. Will have access to service and maintenance plans. Many certified dealers offer service and maintenance plans that can save money in the long run.


If in the situation of having bought a car from a dealer that is not authorized, there are a few automobile-based things that can be done:

  1. Should contact the car manufacturer and let them know what has happened. They may be able to help get in touch with an authorized dealer who can help get a car serviced or repaired.
  2. Try contacting the local consumer protection agency to see if they have any information on the dealership.
  3. If all else fails, may need to seek legal counsel to help resolve the issue.

If the buyer is considering buying a used car from a certified dealer, a few things should be considered for the best benefits. First, be sure to do comprehensive research and compare prices. Second, be prepared to negotiate and haggle for the best possible price. And finally, walk away from the automobile store if the dealer isn’t willing to budge on price based on the car quality. With these tips in mind, the buyer will get a great deal on the next used car purchase.

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