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Supermicro is one of the most respected and accomplished providers in the server market, with solid leadership and technical expertise. Our product portfolio consists of high-performance servers, storage devices, motherboards, systems management software, and cloud computing products.

The Supermicro server was designed for today’s data center challenges. Power efficiency combined with world-class performance lets you build a virtualized data center that can scale up or down as your needs change without expensive power upgrades.

Data storage:

Supermicro has a complete line of storage products for your data center. We have it all, from high-performance server hard drives to SATA and SAS connectivity.

We use the same standards throughout our design, from hard drive form factor to interface. This means that Supermicro storage options are compatible with other major vendors’ servers.

AI deep learning:

High performance, power efficiency, and expandability require a successful deep learning environment. Supermicro has the right server technology to enable affordable, scalable and high-performing deep learning clusters.

Datacenter networking:

Supermicro offers a full line of high-performance 10G/40G/100G network adapters, networking devices, and switches in single and dual-port options. Software drivers for Supermicro network adapters are available from various third parties, so compatibility is not an issue.


Supermicro’s rackmount server line features compact and space-saving 1U, 2U, and 4U chassis. Supermicro’s rackmount servers are optimized for high density, providing the highest performance density on the market.


Supermicro’s blade server line is the industry gold standard. Supermicro’s blade servers are built-in 2U and 4U form factors, with many CPU options. All Supermicro Blade Servers offer advanced features such as hot-swap fans and redundant power supplies.

Cloud Computing:

Supermicro cloud computing solutions provide server stability and high availability for your virtualized data center with rapid recovery from power outages.

A management software suite allows you to monitor, manage and control your entire Supermicro server fleet from a single management point.

AI applications:

Supermicro offers high-performance systems to run artificial intelligence applications such as deep learning and neural networks. Supermicro Systems are designed for memory-intensive applications and leverage NVMe storage technology.


Supermicro has a complete line of embedded systems available from 1U to 4U form factors. All Supermicro Embedded servers are optimized for high density and low power operation.

GPU cloud server:

Supermicro’s GPU server is designed to deliver high-performance, redundant compute power and a massive memory capacity in a 1U form factor. An innovative heat exchanger design keeps the system cool and provides rapid airflow to improve CPU performance.

The Supermicro GPU platform doubles the standard NVIDIA Tesla M2090 GPU performance.

GPU servers enable the deployment of next-generation deep learning applications such as Google’s TensorFlow and Microsoft’s CNTK. These servers can also be used for high-performance computing (HPC) applications and big data analytics.

Datacenter server:

Supermicro 1U and 2U rackmount servers provide outstanding performance, reliability, serviceability, and space efficiency for your virtualized data center. With redundant power supplies, redundant cooling fans, and hot-swap hard drives, Supermicro 1U and 2U rackmount servers offer continuous uptime.

Machine learning servers:

Supermicro’s server line of machine learning servers is designed from the ground up to provide the highest performance and reliability for training deep neural networks. Our 1U and 2U server models are optimized for quick deployment and software updates.

Deep learning GPU:

Supermicro’s GPU server is designed to deliver high-performance, redundant compute power and a massive memory capacity in a 1U form factor. An innovative heat exchanger design keeps the system cool and provides rapid airflow to improve CPU performance.

Software-defined storage:

Supermicro offers an array of software-defined storage solutions for your data center. From NVMe over Fabrics to iSCSI and FAStT, we have a complete line of reliable and scalable software-defined storage solutions.

Virtual machine:

Supermicro’s virtualization servers offer top performance and reliability to run your virtual machine workloads. With our deep learning servers, you can develop and deploy next-generation AI applications.


Supermicro’s high-performance and redundant servers are designed to run large-scale HPC applications such as supercomputing and data analytics. Our dedicated storage servers offer superb storage security and performance.

Server Side:

Supermicro offers an array of server-side components, including motherboard, CPU, memory, flash storage, and NVDIMMs. Supermicro’s server-side components are designed for maximum performance and reliability.

Supermicro’s server chassis can be used for various applications, including traditional racks to compact stackable or wall-mounted cases.


Supermicro’s SBC is hardware compatible with an Intel x440 series chipset, delivering the same performance without upgrading chipsets.

The 1U SuperBlade is an innovative blade system designed to maximize density and reduce cooling costs. Each 1U SuperBlade supports two full-width server nodes and up to four half-width server nodes in a 1U chassis.

Cloud infrastructure:

Supermicro has a complete line of dense, high-performance systems for virtualized cloud deployments. Each system is powered by Intel Xeon processors, with dual 10GbE networking, total memory capacity, and storage options.

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