The importance of CELTA

English has become a universal language. People love to teach English because it encourages creativity. There are billions of English speakers worldwide, and learning English opens up new opportunities for students. Teachers get a well-paid job when they learn the skills to teach English. Today online English teachers are in demand, and many students prefer to learn English online than in the classroom. CELTA is a certification course for Teaching English as a Foreign Language. CELTA graduates teach English to children and adults. Some people prefer to do CELTA online and they would be placed with students from different time zones.

The CELTA course teaches the principles of teaching English and introduces candidates to a range of teaching techniques and practical experience. The centers that deliver the courses are approved and accredited by Cambridge Assessment English and ensure a high level of teacher training. It is an internationally recognised teaching certificate that offers an opportunity to teach in quality schools all over the world.

Features of CELTA

Teaching practice: A significant part of the course involves teaching other students. It enables the candidates to perfect their skills while their instructors watch them.

Written assignments: The course requires the candidates to complete written assignments that help to evaluate their progress. 

Classroom observation: Candidates can observe other teachers for six hours of the course. It helps them to grasp notable skills from experienced people.

Methodology of teaching: The course teaches how to teach students with different learning styles and manage a classroom to create a calm learning environment.

Language awareness: Candidates get a firm grasp of English grammar rules, structure and content. The course helps them to understand English well and teach confidently.

Benefits of taking CELTA online


The online CELTA course is accessed from any location. It has students from different time zones. Candidates can choose a convenient time as the course will have several groups at various times.

Good support

Candidates meet a community of teachers from around the world. It connects them with people from other countries and all walks of life. The networking opportunity is excellent, and it provides a great way to move forward after completing the course.


Online CELTA is less expensive than the in-person course. The course fees are the same, but the money spent on travelling and accommodation is saved. The certificates obtained after the online program have the in-person class’s equal value.


The online option eliminates the need to be on leave for four weeks to complete the course. It allows candidates to study from the comfort of their homes and at any time preferred by them. The course helps them understand the details of online teaching, and they can successfully teach online in the future.

Teaching is a rewarding job. Students expect their teachers to be well trained and knowledgeable. Teachers must develop the skills to engage the students in the classroom and help them understand the techniques of the language. Investing in CELTA online allows candidates to make the best of their skills. The course will enable teachers to join a reputed institution and enhance their skills. Getting an opportunity to work abroad in a place with another culture is an exciting experience. It helps new teachers who have no experience to get a hold of teaching English. It is also suitable for teachers who want to develop their skills and go to other countries to teach English.

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