How to Build an app Like Coursera?

By 2025, the online course market will reach $25.33 billion, as per the news source. The e-learning market has experienced extraordinary growth in recent years, particularly during the epidemic. Virtual education is thriving, as evident by the statistics, and within a short period, the industry rose to prominence as one of the most lucrative investment industries. Thus, if not now, when is the best time to build an e-learning app like Coursera?

Organizations, educational institutions, and individuals are keen to transition to a new format. E-learning apps enable access to educational content at anytime, anywhere, and allow for self-paced learning. The increasing student commitment to adopting new learning methods, which only grows with time, is one of the reasons to hop on the speeding train of digital transformation and build a robust solution that meets their needs. So, let’s see what goes behind the development of an e-learning app. 

Build an app like Coursera

Research and project management of e-learning app

Start from scratch if you want to learn how to build an online educational app similar to Coursera. At this time, you do not need to engage a software development company or an app builder; instead, this is a pure pre-development stage during which you will need to test the waters before initiating the project. The most critical factors to consider are the following:


It is a less extensive sort of research than that undertaken by business analysts and user experience designers. However, it is vital to research the niche you intend to enter with your e-learning platform. And whether the courses will be exclusively for a particular target group or will it include a range of topics. After settling on a specific field of e-learning, it will be easier to analyze the target audience, their demands, and your direct competitors in this market.


 It’s critical to determine at least the basic functionality of your product so that you may communicate your concept more precisely to the chosen software development platform or do it yourself on some app builder.

Strategy for monetization. It’s also essential to determine the business model in advance (subscriptions, freemium, or donation-based, for example), as this will define how you earn revenue and affect the functionality.

Authors and content:

You should determine the sources of your learning resources before app development, as they impact both design and functioning.

Business analysis for e-learning app

At this point, the chosen software developers or the app builders enter the picture. At, you can conveniently construct the e-learning platform from scratch without learning coding skills. will offer the following services:

Discuss the concept, app specifications, requirements, and develop a plan for the project.

User interface and customer-experience design of an e-learning app

It is essential to work on the product’s design to ensure that the e-learning platform can replicate the success of Coursera and other market leaders. One should follow the specific standards stated below when developing a website similar to Coursera to provide consumers with a seamless user experience and convenient learning environment.

Technology stack to build an app like Coursera 

Technologies- implementing the front-end element. The expert can write a front-end for an e-learning platform in either JavaScript or TypeScript. In terms of framework, Angular, React.js, or Vue.js is the preferred choice.

Technologies for the back-end constituent.

When we consider the back-end components of such a product, there are “slightly” more considerations.

  • Web/application server: Programming language defines the kind of server. 
  • DataBases: Redis, Memcached, AWS, GCP, Azure by Microsoft, MySQL, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Apache are all examples of databases. 
  • Monitoring tools: CouchDB and Grafana are among the analytics and monitoring tools available. 
  • Source code: GitHub and GitLab are all options for storing source code.
  • Additional tools include GoCD, Jenkins, TeamCity, and Terraform.

Learning Management System

Apart from the technology stack, it is crucial to examine the learning management system (LMS) to host the e-learning platform and create and manage courses. On the one hand, utilizing a pre-built open-source learning management system (LMS) such as Moodle or others can significantly reduce the cost and time to add features, particularly when creating an MVP version. On the other hand, such solutions lack adequate flexibility in terms of custom design and feature incorporation. It may require new themes and plugins, which may be challenging to accomplish.

Contributing to the educational sector’s digitization is not only a noble act; it is also a well-thought-out, promising, and profitable one. The market for e-learning solutions is exploding, engrossing the attention of students, businesses, and sponsors. Thus, if you have an outstanding design for a website similar to Coursera and require support from an app builder, is the place to be. Build an app with today!

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