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Best Materials for Constructing Buildings

Buildings are one of the most important needs for human beings. Therefore, the construction of buildings needs much attention, as well as the material used, is concerned. For this reason, Norsteel Company has been manufacturing and supplying the building materials that are designated, fabricated and engineered for the best quality and standard that you may need. Therefore, our building materials are durable and long-lasting. Below are some of the best building materials that you can use for construction.


Wood is one of the best building materials that have been used for construction since the ancient world. It has still been relied on for projects’ construction despite the inventions of fibers and many other polymerized materials. Wood is cheap and readily available. It sometimes acts as an insulator and working on it is easier. Besides, you can use less energy while cutting wood and designing it. Wood buildings are, of course, durable, but steel and other materials can last longer than wood. So, you have many options to consider when constructing buildings.


Steel is popular building material because it is strong without being extremely heavy. This reason makes steel the perfect material to build a massive building that can be used for manufacturing, sports and industrial purposes.

Steel gives easy time to engineers to explore any required shape and size because of its malleability. Materials made from steel are compatible, easy to predict, and accurate therefore making it easy for engineers to archive to obtain the designs of their needs. Steel buildings are strong and more attractive. The building that is built using steel is also durable and long-lasting.


Concrete is a mixture of water, sand, cement and stones. It can be therefore poured and left to dry to form walls and floors, unlike steel. The durability and the strength of concrete are higher; this is therefore making it the best option for your walls and floors.

Concrete can also be used to construct the whole structure. It has a low maintenance cost, durable and can withstand many environmental conditions. Concrete can be stronger if it could be combined with steel rebar.

In addition, the building that has been built using concrete is efficient in terms of energy. Concrete absorbs energy during the daytime and releases the energy absorbed during the night when there is cold. Therefore, building concrete needs skilled labor in its fixation as compared to wood. This means that you need to hire experts who have considerable experience in constructing concrete buildings that last longer.

Despite concrete being a bit expensive to use, it is also quite attractive. Concrete’s durability and energy efficiency will always leave the building’s owner to spend less to maintain and operate. So, concrete is a good choice for building construction.


Masonry uses little portions which are limed together to form the structure as compared to concrete which is set together as a single structure. The ordinary materials for masonry are; stones, concrete blocks and clay bricks. The strength of a masonry building is almost the same as a steel building. An example of the oldest structures in the world was made from masonry materials. They include Egyptian pyramids and old Greek temples. Many centuries later, masonry is still a popular building material.

Masonry can withstand the weight of many stories. It is therefore proven as a material that can bear a heavy load. Masonry also provides a solution to many materials, shapes, colors, designs and sizes that can meet the taste of the building you may need. Just like concrete, masonry can withstand fire and wet environmental conditions as well as temperature regulation. Just like concrete, masonry will also leave your building in greater attraction.

While choosing the best for your building, you should first consider the above materials. This is because wood is cheaper, readily available and does not require a lot of energy to use. Secondly, steel is stronger and not extremely heavy. This makes it bear a large structure and leaving it more attractive. Finally, concrete and masonry can bear heavy loads, withstands harsh environmental conditions and regulate the temperature in the house. Therefore, Norsteel Company is majorly concentrating on the distribution of these best building materials.

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