4 Important Design Elements Your Custom Banner Stands Must Have

The leading sellers of premium-quality banner stands offer total customization control to their customers. Buyers can upload any artwork, graphics, designs, or text and have them custom-printed on their banners. The print resolution on banners made of synthetic materials like vinyl or polypropylene is always great.

Brand leaders can easily create eye-catching banners with sophisticated graphics and use them to promote their brands. Well-designed, colorful, and branded banners can instantly make your store look prettier. They can also be used for outdoor promotions as vinyl, and polypropylene banners are weather-resistant.

Banners can also give your brand amazing exposure at tradeshows and marketing events. However, your banners must be well-designed. If they’re cluttered with graphics or don’t feature important brand-related details, they may not impact your audiences. Here are four critical design elements your banners must have –

Color Palette

Colors impact our minds more than we think they do. Ads with “right” colors always attract the audience’s attention. Which color is right for your brand? Consider the following details:

  • Make sure the colors of your banner ads are consistent with your current brand colors. All your marketing materials should feature these basic brand colors.
  • Do your research on which colors are the easiest to read in locations where you plan on using the banners. For example, colors with dark hues always look great inside stores. On the other hand, banners with lighter and brighter colors stand out more in outdoor environments.
  • Check Pantone’s list of “Colors of the Year” for inspiration.

Your banner’s color palette should be in line with your brand goals and style.

Thought-Provoking Copy

Banners that contain too much text look cluttered. They’re off-putting for people. Most people who pass by such cluttered banners don’t even take the time to stand and read the text. People only read short yet thought-provoking sentences. Only use simple and intriguing sentences in your custom banners. Leave your target audiences wanting more.

Also, make sure your banner’s text has a readable font. The information on the banner (brand name, marketing message, contact info, etc.) should be readable from afar.

Call To Action

CTA stands for “call to action.” It’s perhaps the most underrated design element in banner design. That’s because your CTA will be part of your banner’s copy. Most customers don’t put too much time into creating appealing CTAs for their banners. That’s a mistake. Make sure you end the copy on your banner with a thought-provoking CTA.

Ask the target customer to take a specific action – be it donating to a charity or calling your customer service. Track the calls or messages you receive directly because of your banner’s CTA. Then, you’ll be able to assess the actual efficiency of your banners.

Website and Social Media Links

Don’t forget to include links to your brand’s social media accounts. Also, share your company website’s URL, email ID, and links to other online sources about your brand on the banner.

These design elements will make your banner ads more interactive for audiences.

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