8 Instagram Video Marketing Tips You Must Know

For decades, movies and motion pictures have been more effective than still images in capturing audiences, particularly in creative content and commercial advertisements. If you want to get the most interaction from your Instagram posts, you should make more videos because Instagram videos generate more engagement.

Instagram video marketing is the practice of using video content to increase engagement and sales on the social network.

So, we have given some of the top tips below to help you get the most out of your Instagram video marketing.

  1. Keep the video length short

Keep your Instagram video as short as possible because users here do not want to spend too much time on one thing at a time.

Instagram understands this, which is why they have the following video lengths for each feature:

  • Instagram Stories are limited to 15 seconds in length.
  • Reels are limited to 30 seconds in length.
  • Instagram posts are limited to one minute in length.

Keep this in mind when filming a video for this platform so that you only take the shots that are necessary to complete your video. Short videos are perfect for Instagram because consumers scroll quickly and their time is limited. These videos have greater retention rates, making them more likely to keep the viewer’s attention – and for a prolonged time.

  1. Share links on IGTV videos

IGTV (Instagram TV) allows businesses to produce their long-form video series on Instagram.

It’s an incredible opportunity to:

  • Increase participation.
  • Collaborate with influential people.
  • Optimise your Instagram marketing plan.

If you would like to publish your IGTV cover photo to the feed, you’ll need to pay close attention to it because it appears not only in the feed but also on your profile for all of your followers to see.

You can schedule a post for when your IGTV goes live and you’ll see how the IGTV cover photo will look on your Instagram profile before posting and make sure it fits with your Instagram aesthetic.

You can also add emojis to your title such that they appear as your caption as well, but keep in mind that this may affect how your video appears in the IGTV search results.

  1. Add Subtitles

It is not uncommon for users to watch Instagram videos without turning on the sound.

Sometimes the situations we find ourselves in or the locations we find ourselves in aren’t ideal. So we keep browsing through our stream, watching muted videos, or skipping films as quickly as we can.

This is one of the reasons we enjoy seeing captioned videos on our feed. You can use an Instagram video editor to add text in your videos. It captures people’s attention faster and conveys your message even if there is no sound. This may awaken people’s curiosity enough to make them want to turn on the sound and watch the video again.

  1. Use thumbnails

We all like casually browsing through our Instagram feeds, yet there are occasions when something causes us to stop scrolling in the blink of an eye and concentrate. One of these things is the perfect thumbnail, which is the initial seconds of a video.

When you publish a video to Instagram, you may now choose a moment from your video to act as the cover. You can use a beautiful photo from your video as your cover image.

When shot separately, the scenes you select may appear out of focus.

You can prevent this by creating a cover with an online video editor or offline software. 

You may then publish your movie to Instagram and use the photo scene as the video’s cover photo.

High-quality graphics with a splash of colour, glitz, and relatable language will entice your audience to stop and stare.

  1. Accompany with better captions

You can generate good engagement with the video, but if you want even better results, you should also spend some time writing the captions. To maintain your content competitiveness, you must modify and improve regularly while keeping your audience’s needs in mind. The benefits of using captions could be-

Accessibility, SEO optimization, Improving the user experience, making the content easily accessible for non-native English speakers to read the message, and increasing the average watch time of the video.

  1. Tag products in sales video

Using a Shopping Tag, you may tag products from your catalogue in your Instagram Stories or posts so that your audience can click over to learn more. If you have a company or creator account, have uploaded products to your catalogue, and have enabled Instagram Shopping, you may tag the products featured in your content so people can shop right away.

  1. Go live

Nowadays, live video streaming is common. If your potential clients are likely to be on Instagram, then broadcasting your message to them on that site will be a huge marketing success. If you want to get the most out of your Instagram Live broadcasts, you must have a clear rationale for doing so. Remember to include a clear Call to Action in each episode, encouraging your viewers to do something specific that contributes to the episode’s aim.

You must establish and stick to a consistent schedule for your Instagram live feeds. This makes promoting your stream as a regular not-to-be-missed event much easier.

Interviews with relevant people, behind-the-scenes views, key benefits and features of your product, Q&A sessions with your viewers, or a product launch are all frequent formats for live streaming.

  1. Watch Instagram insights regularly

Instagram Insights is a native analytics tool providing information on your followers’ demographics and actions, as well as information about your content. Insights make it simple to compare your content, monitor your campaigns and assess the performance of your individual pieces.

Scroll down to the Followers section for a breakdown of follower demographics such as gender, age group, and geography. These insights might help you target Instagram ads. Discover what actions visitors performed on your profile after reading this post in the Actions area, such as profile visits, follows, or website clicks. Use this useful information to help you decide what kind of content to develop for your audience and when to publish it.


Instagram has evolved over the years from a place to showcase one’s fortune or successes to a useful platform for business goals. These were a few tips to use Instagram to help boost your business.

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