What is Python Programming?

What is Python?

The programming language Python was introduced in 1991. Since then this powerful language is considered as the gap filler for writing the scripts. Hence it’s used for automating the boring stuff or for prototyping the applications which will be executed in other languages. But in the past few years, this wonderful programming language has emerged as the language used in various kinds of development. It includes modern software development, infrastructure management, and data analysis. 

Python is no longer the backroom utility language, but a major language used in web application creation, system management, and machine intelligence. Python is the simpler and easy to learn languages of all the programming languages exist. It is a modest language that requires little time investment for producing the first programs. Python is the only programming language that newcomers or beginners can grab quickly. Its syntax is formulated to be very readable and straightforward. Therefore, Python is used everywhere. Python is used everywhere irrespective of it’s size

and type. 

As python uses the object-oriented paradigm, it becomes suitable and ideal for writing both large-scale and small programs. For all sorts of projects, whether for industries or individuals, python is the fantastic and most versatile programming language. Many big tech giants such as Google and YouTube rely highly on python language for smoothing its critical infrastructure. Now, through this blog let us start learning about the features of this powerful programming language. Python training in Noida at 3RI Technologies is a best IT training provider company. So enroll and enhance your skill here.

Python programming language features

Different features of python are as  

  • Easy to code 

It is a high-level programming terminology like Java. Hence not only is it very easy to use and learn. But as compared to other languages like C, C# JavaScript, Java, etc. Python is the easiest language to code. No matter who you are, whether an experienced or a fresher candidate. You can easily code the programs and algorithms with python in a few hours. That’s why it’s also known to be a developer-friendly programming language. 

  • Free and open source

Python is a free and open-source vocabulary. Hence for using it, you don’t need to bear any expenses. It’s freely available on the official website, you can download the language and its libraries from there to start working. Also, it’s an open-source programming language. It means that not only you can download the python language for your purpose but also can share it with your friends too. If you want to become a expert of this terminology, you need to learn from professionals. 

  • Object-oriented language

As said earlier, python is the most object-oriented language. Therefore, it’s one of the key features of this language. It supports all the classes, objects, and encapsulation concepts and objects oriented. 

  • GUI programming support

Python programming language support GUI as Graphical User Interface that can be easily made with modules like PyQt5, PyQt4, a Python, or TK in python. But out of other GUI programming support, PyQt5 is the most renowned option for creating graphics and graphical apps with python. 

  • High-level language

Just like other features, python is a high-level programming language just like Java. Therefore, when you are composing the strategy, you don’t need to know the architecture of the network. Nor do you need to manage the memory or system storage. 

  • Extensible features 

Python programming language is the most extensible language which can convert the python code into C or C++ programming language. Also, you can easily compile the python code with C and C++ language. No other programming terminology offers this kind of characteristic other than the python. 

  • Portable language

Python is also the most portable programming terminology. Python’s code and syntax are applicable for various platforms. It’s not compulsory that python code can only be run on windows or mac devices. You can easily run the python code without changing it on any platform. 

  • An integrated and interpreted language 

This programming language is integrated because it can easily be combined with other programming languages. It’s also the interpreted language because it is executed line by line at the time as another language such as C, C++, and Java. Debugging the python code is very easy with its interpreted feature. 

  • Large standard library 

Python provides a large set of libraries. Hence with this language, you can avail a rich set of processes and modules. Therefore the need of writing the python code becomes zero. Thousands of libraries and frameworks are available in python as a regular expression, unit testing web browser, etc.

These are some of the features offered by the Python programming language. Because of these features, python has gained much popularity and becomes the widely used programming language across the world. Consider the above features and start learning more about this powerful language today.  

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